Tuesday, March 20, 2007; 12:41 AM
Best kissing scene ever

From Jeux D'enfants (Love Me If You Dare). French movie. Very cute, and the little scene where they kiss on the car makes me a little happy everytime.

Attended Uni today in a higgledy-piggledy mess, for I thought I had missed the train and would be late, but I ended up 15 minutes earlier than I expected instead. It was an old train, the ratty old kind that makes clangy noises and has no air-conditioning. I sat in a sunny spot by the window and opened the top panel so that the wind would blow out my hair and dance on my eyelashes. A couple came on the train clutching a bunch of roses and two old, grey men patted each other on the backs as they rode their bicycles out of the carriage. I stuffed my ears full of headphones, sang a little, laughed a little, avoided glances a little. At Uni, you fell asleep in the cafe, then we fell asleep in the lectures and finally we desperately resorted to purchasing packets of Starbursts lollies from the Vending Machine so that the sugar rush would keep us awake for at least the second half of the lecture.

It certainly succeeded in keeping us awake, but we ended up daydreaming and doodling pictures of dolphins in each others' notebooks instead. Apparently my jacket is too thin and I apologize too much, but we're all friends anyway.

When I commuted back home, again I chose a spot by the window; this time it was a modern, air-conditioned train and the sun had been exchanged for a blanket of stars, which made me gaze upwards in wonder, singing whilst walking home, tossing my cap in the air and shamefully failing to catch it as it came twirling back down, smack on my forehead, and promptly banging into a lamp post.

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