Sunday, March 18, 2007; 10:11 PM
I could swear by expression
"Some people watch porn, my sister watches horses."

So said my brother, when I started joy-gasming to him about the large variety of beautiful horse photos on the Internet. Uncannily true, for I just crashed my computer by viewing too many pictures all at the same time. Apparently my RAM thinks about 30 different windows all being opened at the same time is far too heavy a weight to bear and decided to voice its objections by stubbornly refusing to do anything despite desperate clicking, stabbing the keyboard and - horsey enough - clucking my tongue at it.

Anyways, enough about that. Hoorah, let us celebrate my very first post on my very new blog! What do you guys think about the spiffy layout? I spent hours worth of headaches poring over the xhtml code - for the first time in my life making me feel oh-so-grateful for paying attention to my Web Programming lectures in University. It's courtesy of PsycHo, and everything else is courtesy of me, and do you like my header, because I love it despite it being a very simple Photoshop manipulation of a stock image from Corbis which took me about half-an-hour despite the fact that it should be able to have been whipped up in under five minutes. It's just that I'm so indecisive when it comes to colours and layer modes, and I went through about five different colour sets before deciding on this one.

I'm also quite sorry about the pink, but don't let it hurt your eyes too much, if it does at all. Worry not, for I have a feeling that I might change the colour scheme often enough, when my mood (or hormonal levels) dictate.

Anyhow, if you've come over from my Xanga - welcome, and just leave me a comment on this very first post if you're ever so obliged. Don't worry, you can all be lazy, which means you don't have to create a Blogger account to comment, hooray! Just - you know - congratulate me on this new blog, because it's like an e-housewarming to me and I'm obnoxiously comment-loving like that. You might as well throw me some hugs while you're at it. :)


Anonymous lynn said...
Whoo hoo, first comment! *dance*

Man, you're the second person I know to move to Blogger. xD But Blogger certainly does have a more "professional" vibe to it, doesn't it? Then again, it has been around forever...

Happy e-housewarming! *throws pink confetti* I don't think the background is painful at all, it's a very soft pastel pink... the only level of pink I like, really. (Or maybe my eyes have gotten used to the intense pink of the CxA forums!) I LOVELOVELOVE the top banner, it is so many levels of gorgeousness.

Best of luck with your new blog! My wittle Yin is growing up... blog-wise! *SNIFFLE*

Blogger Yin said...
xDD LYNNNNN~~!! &hearts Thanks so much! My only gripe about Blogger is that it doesn't seem to have any emoticons, lol.

I was wondering if the pink would be a deterrent, and I think the choice of the pink background would (even if just a little) be influenced by CxA. *feels terribly dorky* xD But still!! One can never have too much pink!

*pours pink champagne*

Anonymous lynn said...
Haha, consider it training to write like a "real" blogger--all serious and without amateurish emotions! ... *has distinct to put a huge, amateurish smiley right here*

We can't help it, I guess. Anything remotely pink or flowery is related to CxA in my book. xDDD (Am I the only one who finds it funny it's predominantly Aerith's symbolism that identifies Cleris for us? Poor Cloud, forever under her thumb. :P)

Btw, I know you haven't done it yet, but please please pleeeeease don't use that "type alphabets in this box" security feature unless you have to. I know it helps cut out spam comments by bots, but homg it's annoying. x_x

Blogger Yin said...
Ooh, I certainly won't turn on that annoying security feature! I personally hate it myself - am notorious for repeatedly failing the LJ one. Argh!! *would rather deal with spam than jumbled up alphabets*

Blogger - brybryy said...
heyaa cactus!
now u got 2 blogs, dunno which one to read..
ahh well, pls continue to entertain me like u always had with ur amusingly interesting crap and stuff

btw link me:

and tag


Blogger Yin said...
lol bry
just read this one from now on. the xanga one is closed anyway

Linked ya! And tagged! (as in..chatterbox..tag?? *clueless*) :)

Anonymous eadwine said...
yiiiiin <333 xD i will stalk you here muahaha

Anonymous evenstar said...
Wow! You've got a Blogger account! It'll take me awhile to get used to the idea. Hehe. And to think I moved out of Blogger to get into LiveJournal... (I'd comment using my blogger account but for some reason, I'd rather not. Makes any sense? XD)

Anyway, I guess I'll start stalking you here from now on! ^__^ At least I could comment now...

P.S. I just loooove the way your blog looks! ♥

Blogger Yin said...
Yaay you guys! xDD Evenstar, whoa carp, to think I'd see you here! &hearts

*is happily stalked* ^w^