Friday, March 30, 2007; 5:34 PM
If you dig a little deeper you might find me
The thing about having 'real' friends is that you can say just about whatever and know that your message will get through. I tell Mighty Joe Young to 'Shut Up' and 'Go Away' on an average of at least 30 times a day, but he knows that I don't really mean for him to shut up - or go away, for that matter. Which is why he never does shut up or go away, on the rare occasion that he does, I still tell him to shut up and go away anyway.

It's like how Sammy punches me on an average of at least 55 times a day, but it's never a real, I-hate-your-guts kind of punch. Heck, she's even slapped me in the face before, which resulted in us falling to the ground in maniacal laughter. May I add that this incident happened whilst we were in the lift - and a pretty crowded one at that - when I probably said something silly, hence the slap. I actually think she might've been aiming for my shoulder but got me nicely across the face instead. Whatever, it was funny when it happened. I know it doesn't sound very appealing, but at that moment, it was hysterical.

But that's only because it's Sammy. If it had been anyone else other than those two imbeciles (although MJY is much too gentlemanly to hit a girl), I probably would've slapped right back, without a fraction's hesitation.

It's odd to have friends. MJY and Sammy pretty much understand me as much as I understand myself, perhaps more even. Sammy knows all too well that I don't quite know how to handle compliments, and every time she, or someone else compliments me, she will handle it on my behalf. For example, the other day she told me my earrings were cool, and I stood there like a bumbling fool, not quite knowing how to react - and she roared with laughter and punched me so hard I flew all the way across the other end of the studio, only grabbing onto MJY for dear life. Then, "Shut up and just accept the compliment! You have cool earrings, done!"

And they can tell by the way I act, speak - or the look I have on my face, pretty much what I'm thinking or feeling. It's a rather uncanny ability they've developed, and MJY can tell by the little squint in my eye or my pursed up lips that, no, I do not want to leave my work to go down for coffee but I'll feel bad saying so, and thus finding someone else to go down with him. Which is pretty cool, IMO.

I can also tell when Sammy wants some time to herself and doesn't want to hang out, or when she doesn't want to talk to me, or she's not in the mood for stupid Yin jokes. And the magic is that, if it were 'normal' friends, we would probably be slightly offended, maybe take things a little personally. But with 'real' friends, you know that it's nothing to worry about, and being a pain in the arse is pretty much part of the equation. Brutal honesty helps too, like how I rudely tell MJY he has a double chin and he rudely tells me my face looks like someone threw up on it. Sammy also refers to my internet blogging habits as ridiculously self-centered and a clear sign of me having no life, but then I refer to her TVB obsession and bird-phobia as her being a complete freak of nature. Also, they know perfectly well that a slice of cake or some ice-cream will be an instant cure to my whining, although they also know I'll immediately start whining ten seconds after about how they are doing no favour to my ever-expanding waistline, and do you know how many calories is contained in one bite of cream off the cake?!

All in all, life is pretty sweet at the moment. I have Midnight who constantly has head-butting battles with me, and then I have my insanely crazy friends that I love to death whom make up for a good 90% of my sanity, I have my wonderfully patient boyfriend that I can whine endlessly to and he knows wisely enough not to give me any cake or ice-cream and that the best way is just to shut up and listen, and then there's the best hot chocolate in the world at the Uni cafe, YouTube videos, and everyone and everything else. Yeah, life is pretty sweet.

Also, I just decided to try my hand at cooking French Toast, and managed to cook it for the very first time in my life, and it came out c'est magnifique! Marry me, if only for my ability to cook French Toast for breakfast, including a fruit salad, a glass of orange juice and a flower in a vase, set atop a dear little tray for breakfast in bed.

I would have taken a photo, but I ate it all before my camera could get there. Oops?

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