Sunday, March 25, 2007; 1:08 AM
The Origin of Love
Disregading the fact that flipping this horrible octahendron upside-down is so unbelievably difficult...

I shall make an effort to type a somewhat coherent post today, because I had a nice dream last night and woke up feeling much better. Granted, the dream was about Giant Octahendrons chasing me down the streets, their obnoxious triangle-shaped selves folding and unfolding before my very eyes, changing into different shades of blue and green every five seconds - but still. It wasn't that bad. If anything, it was weird. For visual imagery, just imagine a triangle-shaped Godzilla tearing down buildings in its path to reach me. It was a good dream, in a nightmarish kind of way. The ending was nice, which made up for all the freakish terror of fleeing the Killer Octahendron. Who said assignments don't take lives?!

But on the whole, it hasn't been such a bad day. See, my boyfriend has this supernatural ability to make even the worst of worsts seem not-so-bad after all, with just a few simple words. Also, he has an unexplicable way of making me smile at will and weakening my knees. Everyone should have a boy that can make them weak at the knees. That, plus good music, random huggles from Internet Peoples (Lynn, you totally made my day :D ) and cooking my own yummylicious lunch makes everything almost bearable.

I feel quite terrible, because I finally managed to solve the horrible Octahendron question, all with the help and coaching of Mighty Joe Young. It's a bad thing, because I feel terrible about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly, insanely thankful for him but I feel bad because he shouldn't have to help me so much - I shouldn't be getting so much help - it's so unfair to everyone else that didn't get help. I feel terrible! My conscience is weighing in on me.
On the other hand, I'm just so relieved that this question is over. Of course, the next one will be ten times harder, BUT ONE HURDLE DOWN.

So I spoke to my boyfriend for the first time since the longest time today, and it made me realize just how little we do talk, and that just having a nice, normal conversation was one of the things that people take for granted in life so easily.
Such a simple thing. A conversation. We have conversations with people around us all the time, every single day. But because I only get the rare chance to converse with my boy about every - oh, say - once in a blue moon, it suddenly made me appreciate the opportunity all the more. It made me realize all the simple things that are just that: simple. They are beautiful because they are simple. Simple things like conversations, hugs, MSN emoticon spam sessions and passing a tissue. Happiness is sharing a good song over the internet, making someone a cup of coffee, waking up as late as you like, getting a text message from your mum, a clean seat on the bus and your favourite movie scheduled to air on TV tonight. Little, simple things like that.
And then there's love.

The simple thing about love is that it's not simple. And yet, at times, it so incredibly is. It's as simple as a conversation, and yet it's as intricate and as deep and as open to interpretation as a conversation. The end result can be just anything you like.

But that's just it, isn't it? Sometimes life is just that : one whole big conversation.

Me, I like things simple. I just know very few things - that assignments annoy me, daylight savings ends tonight, plastic melts in microwave ovens and that I love you.

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