Tuesday, March 27, 2007; 11:19 PM
Strange Behaviours
After changing my shoes in the bathroom, wondering if anyone would peer through the gap between the floor and the cubicle door and suspect if I had someone else in there with me, what with two different pair of shoes clunking around, thudding noises and me crying "Ow!" as I accidentally hit my head against the wall, I then made my way into the studio as composed as I could possibly portray, whilst inside my brain was on the brink of exploding.

McCool was sitting by the door, talking with McCutie and Mighty Joe Young. All composure flew out the window, but for once I barely batted an eyelid, completely focusing solely on picking an innocent first year to squash out of their chair so I could use a computer to work on my assignments. Before I could pick a target, however, Mighty Joe Young dragged me into their ongoing conversation. To my surprise, McCool was rather more animated today, and he actually spoke up and cut off MJY to explain a scenario to me. Inwardly, I raised an eyebrow but nothing could faze me now that the lethal combination of assignments and Coffee Bean has started taking its toll. I displayed a less-than-enthusiastic response, much to his surprise - and I was surprised he was surprised, because as I turned and walked away from them nonchalantly, he cried out, "What, is that it?!?

"Well, what did you expect me to say? I mean, I don't..."
I didn't even know how to finish the sentence, because all that is in my brain is Assignment and promptly I spot a free computer and jumped over the table to reach it, flying bag and all, much to the alarm of a lecturer sitting nearby.

Adding more to my surprise, after I logged in and earnestly began gouging my eyes out in despair, McCutie and McCool both sauntered over and sat next to me on the desk - conversing among themselves. I glanced at them in mild surprise, and then I think I understood a little how Meredith Grey felt in the previous few episodes of Grey's Anatomy - but at the moment I was way too busy throwing things at my monitor to care about McCutie or McCool or McHottie or even McNekkidCloud, for that matter.

And then McCool said my name, which made me jump about ten feet from my chair in surprise. C'mon. It's McCool. We never talk, at least not directly. In fact, it never even occured to me he knew my name! As far as I was concerned, I didn't exist to McCool. I am just 'that girl' who hangs out with MJY and Sammy who makes a fool out of herself at the most arkward of moments. And my role in relation to McCool is strictly one of silent fangirling due to the fact that he is a 100% Jin clone, in the flesh.

So he said my name - not just said it, but he said it - he turned to me and he started showing me some nifty Flash animations on his computer. The animations were amazing, but I barely saw them out of the pure shock that is McCool calling me by my name.

Readers, you don't understand the magnitude of this. This is huge. This is massive. My mouth hung open for a good 20 seconds in shock before MJY obligingly advised me that flies would move into a new den if I didn't shut my trap. But who would've thought? Even if he had known my name, we are classmates after all, I never once thought he would actually speak to me so directly.

But anyways. Killed myself again several times over Assignment. Then we all trooped down to the lecture. Tried to concentrate but ended up in epilectic shock over the fact that Assignment is due next week and I'm nowhere near complete. Went to wash my face repeatedly in the bathroom to prevent from screaming out loud. Swallowed several mentos to stop self from falling asleep in exhaustion + freaking out. And then I turned and caught McCool looking at me, although he very swiftly averted his gaze the moment I looked at him. Or maybe it was because my skin was horribly sunburnt and peeling like yesterday's zombies. Or I had coffee and milk stains on my shirt due to multiple coffee explosions in my face at the Bean. Or maybe he wasn't looking at me at all, but merely daydreaming in my direction, as I tend to do myself on numerous occasions. Walls can be fascinating subjects to look at.

After the lecture, I ranted to Neddy a little about assignments, and she very wisely advised me to look at my subject choices, then pick a boyfriend that was good at the subjects so he could help me. xDD MJY declared that this was a tactic worth executing, and I decided I should hold up a card saying, "Wanted : Good in Programming. Plz be my boyfriend??" and Neddy suggested I start making 'friends' with the many boys in Computer Science. xD Arkward silence commences.

After much laughter, I realized I hadn't saved some files, so I headed back up to the studios. Even more surprisingly, McCool and McCutie both silently fell into step beside me as I walked back. It took a fair bit of self-control not to fangirl - McCool and Jin are waaaay too alike, if not for the clothes you'd swear they were twins. And McCutie has always been adorable, so whut. We all went back up to the studios where the boys went off to start chatting to some friends. I hastily picked up my assignment files, wanting to rush home as fast as possible to work on more assignments. The moment I stepped out of the door to head home, McCool and McCutie detached themselves from their friends and fell into step beside me yet again.

Candidly, I remarked, "Wow, it's rare we all leave together like this."

No reply, but I think that's a good thing. We settled into a comfortable silence as we walked back to the train station together. As we stood quietly at the traffic lights, I suddenly realized how tall McCutie and McCool are. I just never realized it before - but now I just so happened to glance at them and realized that they are tall in a wonderfully boyish-manly-pretty way. Uncannily, McCool would be precisely about Jin's height (another similarity?!), and I never realized how tall McCutie was, because I never gave it much thought and spent most of my time teasing and punching him around anyway and always felt like he was about my height, but for the first time tonight I realized that McCutie is actually pretty tall.

For some reason, being a petite girl standing beside suddenly-tall boys makes you realize the gender difference even more.

Chattering, we made our way down to the trains, and I catch a different line than the McBoys. My train was here, and theirs would be a while more, so I went through the barriers first, not wanting to miss my train. Turning, I grinned and waved Goodbye - McCool as usual smiled (he smiled? Okay, something is up. Did the sun rise on the right side of the earth this morning?) and did cool small hand-not-quite-a-wave-but-technically-is thing, and McCutie beamed cutely and waved energetically.

Suddenly I realized that this was no Grey's Anatomy scenario, this was Parfait Tic's Daiya and Ichii, only not really because McCutie & McCool is definitely =/= Daiya and Ichii. It's just the personality contrasts that are similar.

But, but, but, more important issues are at hand than pretty boys!

Right now, I have a few options, if all goes well tomorrow.

- I get to change electives from Web Programming (which is giving me hell) but it's already so late in the semester.

- or I drop Web Programming and take an extra subject next semester to make up (which will be tight and time-inefficient but much easier then struggling through Web Programming this term with the 99% chance that I will fail)

- or I suck it up and keep torturing myself by sticking to it.

I don't know. Thoughts? Suggestions? I don't like quitting either, but I just can't do this. It's not fair, because we weren't given the option to change last semester, but all of a sudden they slack the rules for one student, so we're going in to negotiate that tomorrow. Ugh, I hope things go well. If anything, I'm leaning more towards option 2 myself, as so are a few of the classmates. We still don't get why we're doing this torturous and completely unrelated subject when we're enrolled in a design course. Gawds, RMIT.

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