Wednesday, March 21, 2007; 12:05 AM
Today, I reminisced
It was a long time ago when I introduced you to a friend of mine, and it proceeded into a sweet relationship of sorts where you'd stay up every night gushing to me about how perfect she is and how happy you were. I was happy too, because the two of you were cuter than cute and often came over to my house to swing on my swing and play cards and I wasn't lonely.
It didn't last, and soon you stayed up every night to moan about how you wish it wasn't so and how you still love her, and I would patiently be a good listener and soon my ear was permanently fixated on your shoulder.

It wasn't long after that you started going out of your way every single day to drive downtown where all the traffic jams were just to keep me company before my tuition classes, despite us being from completely different schools and year levels. We had many McDonald meals together and having a guy around was handy in crazy, hectic, downtown KL where thugs hang out and a lone, petite girl was ideal bait for snatch-thieves. I also took to - on the rare occasion that I was in the area - dropping by your mom's store at the mall to see if you were on the computers there and have idle chatter for five minutes or maybe more.

Then you told me that you love me, and I told you that I only love you as a friend; your face fell and you dissapeared from my life for a good month or so before unexpectedly popping back in to start driving me home from weekend and after-school basketball practices, mostly with the encouragement of my team mates and your friends, and it was sweet, but it wasn't love. Then one day you showed up at the doorstep of my house in the late evening with the sunset, even though you lived all the way across the other side of town - just to give me a keychain you had custom-made for me as a good-luck charm for my impending major exams that I was stressed out about. It was a scene worthy of a Hollywood romantic comedy, what with the unexpected phonecall, jumping up to look out of my window in shock and you standing there with your car.

I couldn't say anything before you jumped back into your car with the quickest of smiles and drove off, and I was touched, but it wasn't love. That was the last time I ever saw or heard from you. Last month I was at the mall in KL when I passed by your mom's shop, and you were on the computers, but you didn't see me and I turned away.

Fast forward years later to today, I found the keychain again, buried underneath all my layers of junk and cobwebs, and I remembered you, and I smiled. I fastened it onto the strap of my schoolbag and walked out my door with it swinging against my hip, carrying a little, custom-made, good-luck charm of faded memories.

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