Wednesday, March 28, 2007; 7:20 PM
Video post
Since it was so cloudy all day today, the sky has just now - under the span of 15 minutes - turned from a complete hue of bright orange, to pink, and now purple. It's quite breathtaking.

Even more breathtaking is the fact that I'm actually posting twice in a day! :D Hooray, free time!

Plus, I just bought online a pair of very adorable earrings and a new skirt. I shall be broke, but this is why I never took up Daddy's offer on a credit card! xD

So just for the heck of it - and because I'm excited about going to watch TMNT and 300 soon, here's some new movie trailers for upcoming movies that I want to watch!

Evan Almighty

Ahaha! So much crack. Anything with Morgan Freeman is Win! Loves it.

In The Land Of Women

Adam Brody is pretty much the only reason I watch the OC, therefore the same rule should apply to this movie. Other than that, it looks like another cute romantic movie, which I am a sucker for. And Meg Ryan is also Win.

Meet The Robinsons

Oh AHAHAHA the dinosaur! That dinosaur is made of Win.

Room 1408

My gawd, I will do my best to drag Sammy and Joe to watch this with me so we can all scream our heads off silly in the cinemas. I have a love-hate relationship with scary movies. D:

The Golden Compass

Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Eva Green plus a polar bear running amok all in one movie?! Hell yeah. Also because I can feel the pain of the animators. Oh god, all those complex models! *hugs my copy of Maya*

I also really want to watch 'Bridge to Terabitha', only there's noone to watch it with me! D: Wonder if Tiffany or Corrine's interested in crying her eyes out with me in a cinema and packets of pink Kleenexes. &hearts

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