Friday, March 30, 2007; 1:01 AM
Walking with dinosaurs!
Proof of just how horribly, outrightly straightforward I am.

"Oh Sammy, you have a hickey there!!" I remarked upon seeing the red mark on Sammy's neck as we sat next to each other on the extremely packed train, in a remarkably loud voice. All at once, almost every single head in that crowded tram turned to look at her us.

Sammy screamed and started punching me ferociously, then proceeded to hide behind her hoodie, shaking in uncontrollable laugher, whilst Joe clutched desperately to he handrail, doubled up with the lulz and I convulsed into hysterics as I realized my mistake.

I don't know! I just said it without thinking! It just blurbed out of my lips, like word vomit. Oh, goodness. People on the tram started avoiding eye contact and threw us shifty glances every now and then. Sammy just hid her face and we laughed and laughed and laughed until tears were streaming down our faces. I really need to stop saying outloud everything I think.

But anyways, we went to watch Walking With Dinosaurs : A Live Experience, and it was incredible. ♥ Life-size dinosaurs fighting and roaring and running around a massive stadium, with awesome sound and light effects? Instant win. It was truly awesome, and so much fun! Who didn't love dinosaurs as a kid?! Finally getting to actually see a life-size, moving, living, breathing Brachiosaurus emerge from the fogs and stare straight at you? Childhood dream come true. Man, those animatronics are amazing. When the first dinosaur came out, for a moment my heart stopped for a second because it just looked and moved so frickin' real, I wondered if it could possibly, actually be real. My feelings were probably akin to that of Sam Neil in Jurassic Park.

We loved it. Loved it. Loved every moment of it. Laughed my lungs out. Love my friends.

And now, I'm falling asleep on my keyboard from the 'happy but tired' feeling of it all. I'll post pictures and possibly videos soon. Why do I have a feeling I'll be dreaming of dinosaurs tonight? =)

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