Friday, April 20, 2007; 2:09 AM
300 levels of happiness :)
Alright, I'm hyper and happy and on a sugar-high and I think if I grin anymore my cheeks are going to pop out.

Went into Uni today and we had made plans to watch 300 after class. We finished early, so we trooped up to Joe's apartment to hang out before the movie started. Corinne had a church session, so she left us. Me, Sammy and The Boss were playing video games and MJY suddenly declared he had to go check the mail.

More than half an hour went by and MJY still hadn't returned, so Sammy rings him up. She told me he went to check the swimming pool out. I was all, "Wtf? Does he want to swim or something?!" but she said he was coming back now, so we could go get the movie tickets. So I was admiring the view from MJY's balcony, then went back in to watch The Boss play some Yakuza game out of boredom. We heard the key turn in the lock and we looked up, waiting to rant on MJY for taking so long. Sammy glanced at me with this really monkey-like mischevious expression on her face, and then --

MJY came in, with Corinne in tow - and they were holding this gorgeous cake all lit up with candles and stuff, with massive grins on their faces.

I kind of just sat still and stared, completely taken aback, and then almost screamed but-not-quite, all I could do was gasp and hide my face in my hands and shriek, "Omg Shut Up Shut Up You Guys Shut Up Omg Omg Omg."


Omg, it was awesome. I've always wished someone would throw me a Birthday Surprise, ever since I was a little kid - and this is the first time anyone's ever surprised me like this, and oh shit, you guys, I hate you guys so much I want to hug you all to death!!!! I was so unbelievably happy, but god, I didn't know how to show my happiness, I just stood there and stared and squealed and almost wanted to cry, but not-quite, and I felt like a complete mess and it was incredible and I love you guys so frickin' much!!!
Granted, my birthday is on Saturday - not today - but since they wouldn't be seeing me on Saturday they wanted to celebrate it with me today instead. HOW SWEET IS THAT!

"YOU!!! YOU!! Weren't you supposed to be going to church!?!?" I pounced on Corinne as she cackled delightedly, revealing their strategy of sending her to pick up the cake and MJY 'checking the mail' as an excuse.
"So he wasn't checking out the pool?!?!" I turned to Sammy in shock. "No, of course not! You believe everything I say!! I was so relieved you fell for it!"
"Did you know about this as well?!?!" I demanded from The Boss and he very sheepishly admitted his part in the scheme.

And then they shoved a huge bag into my hands with a huge present inside it, and an envelope, and I opened it and it was a HAND-MADE CARD from all of them, they drew it and coloured it and printed it out themselves and OH SO MUCH LOVE and there was Cloud and Horses and Greys Anatomy and I LOVE THEM and shut up I'm never going to forgive them! The Boss gave me a movie voucher which coincidentally was incredibly handy for 300 tonight!

So we blew the candles and cut the cake and it was hands down the most delicious cake I've ever had in my entire life, filled with my absolute favourite strawberries and chocolate and cream and friendship and all the warm fuzzies in the world. It was from Brunetti's, one of the best cake parlours in Melbourne and I always wanted to try their cakes, it was perfect.

I kept shrieking how much I hate you all, and they know me so well, Sammy knows exactly what I mean when I say I hate her, and she grins and is all like, "Yeah yeah! We know you love us!" She knows I mostly mean the exact opposite of what I say, but GOD THESE PEOPLE are the reason I exist in Melbourne!!!

Then we looked at the time and realized we would be late for half-naked pretty men if we didn't run now, so MJY and Sammy made a mad sprint for the cinemas while I went with The Boss to grab a cheeseburger.

But Yes, 300 was awesome!!! OH SO MANY ABS. ♥ A bit too muscly to be really enjoyed, but oh god - the pretty boys!! That dude, the son of the captain, he was the prettiest!! I screamed when he was decapitated, oh no, my pretty boy, my pretty pretty boy!! Why do pretty boys die so quick?! And the two best friends were so hot, oh god, this film was so many levels of eye candy, it's the best (early) birthday treat ever.
Horrendously gory though, probably one of the goriest films I've ever seen, and I had a heart attack almost every five minutes and winced at almost every scene. Ugh! It was so fun though, we screamed like mad and laughed like mad and we just cracked up at the littlest things, it was soooo fun. I was horrified at all the violence and gasped and moaned and shrieked everytime someone's limb went flying, and The Boss kept analysing the graphics and MJY and Sammy wouldn't stop laughing, it was awesome. And we all fell arkwardly silent during the sex scenes, only to giggle immaturely at his butt gleaming in the moonlight. I laughed so hard at the ~*~orgasm~*~ because it looked so fake and it reminded me of some hilarious comments on ONTD back when Grey's Anatomy had that sex scene, and I just cracked up and MJY probably thought I was crazy. Her face though!! AHAHAHAHAHAA. Am I the only one who saw the humour in it? No? <.< >.>

But the worst part in my opinion was when they slashed off the horses's legs. I screamed so loud, "OH MY GOD!!" that MJY and Sammy just exploded into fits of laughter. The horse, the poor horse!! Why'd they have to do that!! xDD Oh man, don't go to the movies with me. I turn every movie experience into crack! Sammy says it's fun to go to the cinemas with me, and I shall take that as a compliment.

Oh man, 300 is so full of crack. I feel traumatized and yet highly amused. It's so gory, and you wince and cringe, but you can't help but laugh too. I would totally do it again, even if just for the pretty pretty boys and OH ALL THOSE RIPLING MUSCLES AND ABS. ♥ YESSS PLEASE.

All our conversation from now on shall have subtle 300 references in them. I know eet!!

I got home and delicately opened the present, taking care not to rip the wrapping paper - and out fell onto my lap a white hoodie - because they frickin' remembered that I have been valiantly searching for a white jacket since forever, even though I just casually mentioned it in a conversation a long time ago. At this point, I couldn't take it anymore and burst into tears, because I'm so happy and touched and grateful and overwhelmed and amazed to think that they would think enough of me as a person to actually go to such lengths for me, and I actually have friends, good friends at that, and shut up, this is hands down one of the best birthday celebrations of my life. It's not so much everything, but it is everything, and it's especially the people and the thoughts and effort they put into this, and I'm just completely overwhelmed and blown away and no words, eloquent or not, could describe the immeasurable amount of love I feel for these batshit insane people. I just never thought I was worthy of such joy, y'know?

Okay, so tired now, I got home around almost midnight. Will post pictures and all that jazz later. But it's pretty official though - MY FRIENDS ARE ~*~*~*~THE BEST~*~*~*~!!!!

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Blogger - brybryy said...
lol cant believe i forgot

happy 20th bday cactus!!

Blogger Nastasya said...
:DDDD What wonderful happiness!! Ah, I think it might be your birthday right now in your time? It JUST turned into the 20th here (like a minute ago). But, since it's your birthday there... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YIIIINNNN!!! *LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE*

I've been meaning to draw you something, hopefully I can find the time very very soon! LOOOOO~~~VE YOOOO~~~~UUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger Yin said...
LOL! My birthday isn't till the 21st, guys! My friends just celebrated it early. So no, not my birthday yet till tomorrow, even in my time. :)

Thanks for the wishes though, much love! &hearts :D