Sunday, April 22, 2007; 11:30 PM
Another freak accident
The only place where I have regular narrow brushes with death or serious injury is the barn. Hahaha, it makes me feel like a cat with nine lives. How many lives have I used up already?

Today another (painful) freak accident happened, and this time it's purely 100% my own reckless fault. Cedar was standing in the cross-ties and I had put his bridle on and was buckling his halter on over his bridle. I looped the reins over his neck, then realized that I had the lead rope clip on the other side of his face all twisted. Thinking nothing of it, I reached to correct it without moving over to the other side, like how I often do. (which, really, shouldn't be done at all. People, please remember never to behave in such a dangerously ignorant manner around horses!)

Cedar was in a foul mood and jerked his head sharply and ferociously upwards, just as I was fumbling with the clip. Oh god. The next thing I know, I was lifted clean off my feet, slammed so hard into the wooden post of the stall and crashed into a crumpled heap on the ground, where I lay groaning. Cedar freaked a little at the impact, and thank goodness I was holding on to his reins and I had enough sense not to let go. In a split second I saw him freak and instinctively I gasped and pulled as hard as I could downward on his reins, to lower his head, because if I hadn't, he might have stomped right down on me as I lay helplessly at his feet, and his heavy 1200 pound self would have broken all of my ribs, god, if a rib should penetrate my heart, I'd be dead.
I was panicking, but I managed to call out, "Whoa...whoa! Easy, easy." He stopped jigging and I rolled myself out from under his feet and caught my breath. My head was hurting, my left ribs hurt so goddamn painfully where he had caught me as he slammed up off my feet, and my lower back was throbbing from where I had crashed and landed.

It was so painful, I couldn't stand for a few minutes, I could just lie there on the ground, gasping in pain and clutching my ribs, wondering if I had fractured anything. The pain in my ribs were so intense I could barely breath, it came in sharp, short gasps - and my eyes were swimming. After a while, I made myself hobble on to my feet, only to almost buckle over and fall down again. I pulled against the pole for support and limped around in pain, my entire left leg had gone completely numb from the pain in my back. But after a bit of hobbling, the numbness faded. With shaking hands I fastened Cedar's cross-ties properly and leaned against the post to recover.

I felt much better after a while. My lower back still hurts a little, but it isn't anything bad and the pain in my ribs is completely gone now, so I'm assuming nothing is cracked or fractured or broken, thank goodness and all that is holy. If something had happened, I would have laid there seriously injured with nobody around at all to give help. What if I had banged my head and fallen unconscious? I don't even want to think about it.

Oh man, I feel like such an idiot. That was really dangerous, lol. Thrilling but dangerous. I really need to learn my lesson and make a determined mental note to exercise a bit more caution when I'm working with these animals. I've never appreciated my ribs more in my entire life!! :D

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Blogger Nastasya said...
=O I'm so glad you're still alive!!!!!!! *clings* It's a dangerous place, but I know how much you love it. I'm sure all that horsey love you get is worth the infrequent death threats, yes? I'm just glad you're safe and okay. Caution is good and should be exercised A LOT. I don't know what I would do without Yin in my life! Well... part of my life... the part on the interenet... which is a lot. =X Be careful!

Blogger Yin said...
LOL!!! Sometimes I wonder how my 'Internet Friends' would ever find out if anything ever happened. xD D'aaw, you so sweet. But I'm not planning to die anytime soon! xD *clings back*

Anonymous lynn said...
*GLARES* Why can't you be like (me) normal people and just punch your eye? Noooo, gotta get yourself almost killed in the process!


Aw, man, I think I'm channelling Tifa. Dx *CLINGS* I'm so glad you're all right! And no, I don't blame your poor horse or anything, of course, just glad you're okay and nothing happened.

(And yeah, I've often wondered how my net pals would know if I suddenly keeled over one day. Kinda reflects on our priorities, huh? No "OMG, I'm dying!!!" but just "OMG, I'm dying and how will mom know to post it on my LJ so people won't think I went on another unplanned hiatus!!!" XDDD)

Blogger Yin said...
Aww thanks! My back is still aching now two days after, but I'm assuming it's just soreness. xD

I know!! xD On occasion I wonder who's going to post in the pink forums to let everyone know if death over comes knocking on my door, so they know I'm not abandoning my modly duties! xDD

Actually, this made me wonder about Aly... I'm begining to suspect it's something to do with her medical check up and she hasn't been able to post.... I hope not though and it's just a simple case of cut-off internet, but still! *worries* D: