Monday, April 9, 2007; 3:19 PM
calling all angels
I just decided that Emma de Caunes is probably one of the more beautiful celebrities ever, along with Hong Kong's Nadia Chan, Hollywood's Anne Hathaway and America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 runner up Kahlen Rondot. It must just be me, but I love girls who have that sweet, wholesome look about them. Not sickly-sweet to the point of irritating, but just nice.

Oh, I feel sick. It is almost quite certainly due to my Big Day/Night out yesterday, with Micheal and his girlfriend again. Apparently in Australia, Easter means everything is closed, including public toilets. Me and bro were quite taken aback at the sign "Closed For Easter" plastered across the locked doors of the public toilets at the train station. So we spent most of the day hanging out with Micheal's PS3 at his swanky apartment, then we watched Mr Bean's Holiday - which was really quite funny, albeit falling a bit short of its predecessor. Also, an outing with Micheal means food, because he is just one of those rich young lads that appreciates shopping, culinary delights and quality wine. For dinner he took us to a little restaurant that serves incredible Szechuan cuisine. We left the ordering up to him and every single dish that came out was Bright Red, most notable the fish which was literally swimming in a red sea of chilli and oil. By the time the meal was over, we all had watery eyes and flushed cheeks. Micheal pointed out that the flush on my face looked like I had just downed a whole bottle of vodka. Chilli-flavoured, extra-spicy, thanks.

Then we had bottles of cold soya bean and ended up settling down at Max Brenner's for a round of hot chocolate and waffles. I'm no nutritionist, but chilli, soya bean and hot chocolate does not a good mix make. So here I am today, with a splitting headache (is this what hangovers feel like?) and a constant feeling of nausea in my stomach. I wish I could throw up but it just doesn't happen.

To top it off, I have to finish up this brain-exploding Web3D assignment or I'm doomed. Oh, my brain. *cries*

Let's relax a little and watch the new episodes of Australia/America's Next Top Model on YouTube, bless - then go try on all my old jeans in front of the mirror and polish my boots to the tunes of Train.

I like Micheal's girlfriend, she's such a classy little thing. Apart from wishing I have her endless legs, she makes such a cute match to him. They'll grow up to be one of those power couples you see in magazines and on television, both smart, rich and beautiful - they already have all the makings of this potential relationship, with the way she sits and carefully applies her makeup whilst he lazes on the bed lamenting about how girls take so long to get ready, then hastily jumps up to help her scoop out a fallen eyelash from her cup of English Tea.

It's a known fact that I don't care much for makeup, but watching that adorably bizarre scene of him carefully fishing out her eyelash from her cup makes me wish I could put on some mascara just so someone would pick it out of my tea for me. :)

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