Tuesday, April 10, 2007; 4:55 PM
Commence fangirling!!!!

I have work at Coffee Bean today, expecting yet another long day of endless coffees and teas. It was a slow day, as it always is on Tuesdays. I like how the cafe is situated at the quietest part of the mall, the calm atmosphere has a very cafe-vibe, whatever that is. It was a good start to the day, with the very cute Cadbury Schweppes delivery man stopping by to let me fangirl over his clear, blue eyes.

Anyway, I was slicing the banana bread, humming along to the tune on the radio. I look up occasionally just in case there are customers that need serving, and all of a sudden I felt my Bishie Alert Meter™ fly sky-high, so I glanced up casually from my slicing to see --- *gasp*



McCool visited me at work today, and it wasn't a glimpse from afar as per usual, he actually visited me at work today!! Oohhhhhhh. ♥ He poked his head round the cashier wall and grinned at me. At first I didn't realize it, then I saw him and - oh god - he was without his trademark beanie and had on a pair of Oakley sunglasses with his long hair pulled back into a low ponytail and oh god - if Cool was manifested into human form, it would be him. He was holding a grocery bag and I found it incredibly amusing to see McCool outside of Uni, doing his groceries, no less. How does anyone make grocery shopping look cool?! He does!

I stared at him for a few seconds, completely taken 101% by shock and surprise - and internally my brains were exploding into a loud scream of unintelligible syllables, mostly compromising of "OMFG.", "How does my hair look?!?!" "OMFG." "Do I smell?!?", "OMFG.", "There's sugar on my shirt!!!" "I MUST BE DREAMING!!!", "OMFG." You get the gist.

He stepped up, smiling and I giggled my way to the cashier, offering him a free coffee because I never take mine anyway. He refused, I insisted, then he insisted so I relented. He ordered a flat white and I almost died.

You remembered! You remembered I work here! NO WAIT. You actually know I work here?!

And he said, "I wondered if you'd be here! How often do you work??"


We conversed as I made his coffee, although now I cannot remember a single word of that conversation, all I know is that I fell over my words like a fool, and as I made his coffee, I actually felt my face turning bright red, literally! I- felt- myself- turning -red, and I wanted to die and hide my face - and my hands were shaking so much I seriously worried I would spill the coffee. I wanted to make the Best Flat White in the World to impress him, but my hands were shaking so much I could barely hold the steamer in place! Oh GOD, I must've seemed like an absolute bumbling fool. OH GOD. OH GOD!!!

I handed him his cup, smiling like an IDIOT and he grinned and poured plenty of cinnamon into his coffee.
"Wow. That's really...um... cinnamon-ey."
I remarked, watching him stir it. (Cinnamon-ey?!?! *face-palms* Oh girl. How much lamer can you get?!)

"Yeah, I like it like that." He smiled at me and put the lid on his cup. We stood and stared at each other.

"Stop staring at me!" he laughed.
"Well, hurry up and take a sip!! Don't run away!! Tell me if my coffee sucks!! Oh wow, this is so weird. Ahahahaha!" (*face-palms* Stop the uneasy laughter! He'll think you're a freak! Oh wait, I think he already thinks you're a freak!)

So he took a sip. "Tastes like coffee!" he smiled from behind his flashy sunglasses and turned to leave. "I'll see you later." And sauntered off casually with his cool flick of his wrist and smirk and I turned to jelly and fell against the counter, watching him walk away and telling myself, "Breath, breath, breath. Oh god, breath."
Then I ran behind the store, cupped my hands over my ears and fangirl screamed so loud I think people would suspect a murder was being commited! xD

Eeeeeeeee!!!! AAAAAA!!!! DIE NOW PLZ DIE. DEAR GOD YOU TORTURE ME. My supervisor came in later and started telling me off for being so oblivious to the leaking coffee machine, but I just gazed blankly at her and smiled goofily, because my head was still letting off fireworks and confetti and sakura petals and Disney's Under The Sea tune was playing merrily in my mind on repeat.

Oh lordy, this level of fangirling should be banned. xD Nothing will come out of McCool, (if I'm not mistaken, he has a girlfriend and I am a loyal one-man lady) but he's just so pretty to look at!! No harm in fangirling, right? Yes, this is an excuse to make my conscience feel better. xD After all, it's a form of flattery, because he looks so similar to my boyfriend, right?? *valiant attempts to justify my fangirl eye*

Oh my goodness, how on earth am I going to speak to him when I see him in Uni without my face turning a brilliant shade of red?!?! God, why do you do this to me?!


*coffee not made by me

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