Tuesday, April 3, 2007; 7:18 PM
her hair is always a mess; she's beautiful
It's becoming a bit of a regular thing for me to show up at Uni dressed in my work clothes, and the boys always find some reason to giggle at the huge 'Coffee Bean : Established 1963' logo emblazoned on my shirt, not to mention milk stains from multiple milk explosions and probably a few splotches of mocha and vanilla powder here and there. Because I'm a klutz and always succeed at spilling something on myself every single day.

Yesterday we were hanging around outside the lecture theater with the boys and the McDudes during the break, me and Sammy both fatigued from work : she having just come in from working at her family restaurant, and me from a 6am start at Coffee Bean making endless lattes for grumpy businessmen. And then I made a silly joke and McCool laughed, it was the first time he's ever laughed at anything I said and I didn't even know he was listening in the first place. It was a spontaneous laugh which was both surprising and flattering at the same time. Then the boys started talking about masturbation and McCutie turned bright red from the arkwardness of it all, as he was standing right in front of me and Sammy.
Sammy and I decided we had heard enough and headed back into the lecture theater, where despite our tiredness, we clutched each other and laughed until the tears streamed down our cheeks. It was tragic, but it was great, and I always like to think that if I reflect on yesterday, I'd like to remember myself laughing my heart out with someone, which might just be the nicest reflection of all. If there was one thing I'd like to have done the most in my life, it's laughing and riding horses. Oh wait, that's two things. well, I didn't fail math for nothing.

I had a horribly unflattering hairdo, and Sammy's eyes were as puffy as teabags, but I gave a happy couple a free latte today and maybe tomorrow I might just lose five pounds.

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Blogger Nastasya said...
Laughing is always wonderful. I'm glad you can appreciate it so much. ^^
My friend used to come to school in her Dairy Queen uniform a lot because she would have to go to work right after school was over and didn't have time to change. She wore the apron and everything (although I don't think she really NEEDED to wear the apron to school).

Blogger Yin said...
LOL apron! I'd rather die than show up in my Coffee Bean apron. xD Kudos to your friend for actually doing it!