Friday, April 6, 2007; 12:34 AM
I gave what I gave
So we watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles today, and I have to admit, I was rather dissapointed. Maybe because I can't remember too much of it from my childhood - I couldn't even remember who Casey was, and surely April didn't look so...modern?

But Leonardo was Love, so that was good. =) My heart broke when Rafaello defeated him, oh! Me and Sammy then proceeded to rant in a fangirl tirade of Ralf's obnoxious, bratty behaviour, whilst MJY valiantly tried to defend his favourite turtle in the face of two raving fangirls.

I received a phone call from the Equestrian Center, telling me that I've been moved up a level - to the Intermediate group. I was so ecstatic I could hardly believe my ears and I asked Christine over and over again on the phone, "Are you serious? Are you sure? Am I good enough? I'm really worried that everyone will be such awesome riders and I'll be left out. Are you sure?" She had to tell me about ten times that, Yes, she thinks I'm good enough to move up now and No, you are not dreaming. I almost somersaulted my way to tell Sammy and MJY, so delighted!! Share my happiness, quick! The first thing I wanted to do was share this happy news with people who care, and it's lovely when the look on their faces as they congratulated me was almost as if they were the ones who had been moved up a level. :) It makes me appreciate them so much more.

Then we clinked our glasses in a toast to our friendship over steaming bowls of japanese ramen. I got drunk on (non-alchoholic) Ramune and started ranting about boys and the unnecesary troubles they bring, and they got drunk on apple juice and started ranting about how nobody would ever truly try to understand us, and then we started admiring the pretty waitresses and drunkenly declared that we should never waste time on unhappiness. Sammy assured me that someday I will be loved, and I assured MJY that someday he will break away from here and become famous, and MJY assured Sammy that someday she will get a fantastic job plus that jacket she always wanted. I was grateful that my ramen was spicy enough to make my eyes water, because I have been looking for an excuse to cry for a long time. We stared at each other in a comfortable stupor, comforted and grateful for each other's presence, and noone said a word about the silent sorrow. Then started laughing our guts out over silly toilet jokes and slowly we went home our seperate ways in the crisp night air, earphones plugged firmly into our ears, hearts aching but souls laughing. I take comfort in their company; when it's always something else, being with them makes me feel like it doesn't really matter when it really does.

It's always something else - it's always something else but us, it's always something else but me.

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Anonymous lynn said...
Most importantly--Congratulations on moving up! *pops Sprite-- er, champaigne* I don't know anything about horse-riding, but it doesn't take a genius to know "move up" and "Intermediate" means good news. \o\ /o/ \o/ (<-- Lynn's clumsy emoticon!cheers)

And I'm not sure how you can get drunk on apple juice, but-- *hugs* Because, ya know, e-hugs are all I can give ya. But if you ever need an ear, this one's always open. ^^

Lastly-- Aww, I'm sorry the movie disappointed. It's certainly something that would appeal, I think, to people who followed the turtles more recently (the comics and 2003 cartoon in particular). Casey was barely in the 80s cartoon--5 appearances in FOUR seasons--so no wonder you don't remember him. Basically, he's a hockey mask-wearing vigilante who eventually became best friends with Raphael. And April... got a Bratz+grrl!power makeover. It's the 21st century, I guess. :P

But all that matters are the turtles anyway. XD General consensus even among TMNT fans is that the overall plot was weak (I cringed at the stars aligning myself), but the turtles were done well. And you liked Leo! YAY! You can join the Leo Lust going on on CxA! XDDD I wondered whether his "I'm better than you" line would turn you off, but I can't help identifying with his oldest-sibling status, I guess. Oh, the pain~

Blogger Yin said...
T...Turn me off?!? you gotta be kidding me!! xD I loved him all the more for that line, because Ralf was seriously beginning to bug me, with his bratty nonsense. I was cheering for Leo to hand him his ass on a silver platter. But then my heart broke when Leo looked so saaaad! T__T OH LEO. <3 Come to me, I'll comfort you! *dorks*

I don't think I followed the 2003 cartoon... (there was one?!) I remember watching an old TMNT movie way back in the day, I'm assuming it's the first movie. I watched a few movies after that, but none of them were outstanding enough to make me remember as much as the first. I loved the old 80s cartoon series though, had aaaalll the figurines and the awesome turtle mobile and stickers and everything! Overall I was pleased with the movie (awesome animation, only a bit creepy xD ) but yeah, the stars aligning made me WTF??? and I think I prefer the old 2D style. Still, it wasn't bad and oooh I have already jumped in on the Leo fangirling at CxA! OMG WE'RE FANGIRLING OVER A MUTANT TURTLE. <33

And thanks, e-hugs actually do make me feel loved! T____T *buries you in chocolates*

Blogger Nastasya said...
Ugh, I've been hearing such mixed reviews about TMNT. I think I'll just wait to rent it. -____-

OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! WAAH! Wow, that's so cool! I mean, you must feel so accompished! Your hard work and love for horses is really paying off and you're getting farther and I know you'll just keep improving! That's so great, awesome awesome awesome AWESOME!!!

And I love friends, don't you. :3

Blogger Yin said...
Rent?! No no no no! You must watch it! Watch it watch it watch it! Nothing beats the glory of seeing Leonardo in all his turtle bishie-ness in large screen love! <3 I can't believe the day I say Leo > Tidus actually came...BUT NVM any excuse to fangirl is a good excuse! *drags tash to the cinema* xD

YES THANK YOU! I am excited! xD *glomps* Thanks thanks thanks! <33