Saturday, April 7, 2007; 10:29 PM
Looks like emo-ness has bitten most of us lately, because this is going to be yet another rant on all your friends lists. >[


Okay, sibling clashes are a fairly common occurence in every household, but my brother knows just how to push my buttons to the limit and I actually marvel at the fact that I haven't stuffed a shoe into his face yet, after 19 years of living together.

We're just on such completely different wavelenghts and QUIT TELLING ME TO GROW UP I think you're the one that needs to grow up a little, with your twisted logic and your view that everything is always ALWAYS my fault, oh, everything is ALWAYS wrong with me, and you're perfect and everyone else is perfect except me! If I don't click with your friends, OH IT MUST BE ME because I'm over-sensitive and prejudiced and narrow-minded, and despite me pointing out that in LIFE there is such thing as people who cannot get along, like how some horses can never get along with some riders, BUT NO IT MUST BE A PROBLEM WITH ME AS A PERSON BECAUSE I AM JUST THAT CRAPPY OF A PERSON RIGHT.

And if I feel uncomfortable about anything and I *GASP* actually talk to you about it, OH NO ITS ME BEING UNREASONABLE AND OMG I HATE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE AND OMG I ALWAYS FIND A PROBLEM WITH EVERYTHING OMG I AM SUCH A SPOILT, EMO LITTLE BITCH. Dear brother, will you realize that people have different ranges of emotions and sometimes you can't force things. Let's be geeks and use a FFVII reference. If I don't like Tifa as a character, I don't like her. If you don't like Aerith as a character, you don't like her. ITS NOT A PROBLEM WITH ME, ZOMG. IS IT MY FAULT THAT I CANNOT HELP DISLIKING TIFA*?? Even if it is, it's not like I can like someone just because you think I should, ZOMG. You get along with some people and I get along with some people but you can't expect me to be head-over-heels in love with the people you like, same like how I don't expect you to be all buddy-buddy with MJY or Sammy or even Midnight.

And I don't compare - I've never once said, "I wish you would come out just once to watch me ride instead of going all out of the way to carry shopping bags for your girl friends." or "Could you have dinner with me tonight instead of spending yet another night at your friend's place drinking her nice hot soup?" or "I don't see why you are so willing to go into the city with your friend because *gasp* god forbid, she'll be on the train alone - but you never once go into the city with me when I go alone on that train every single day, or at least even pick me up at the station at night instead of letting me walk all the way home alone in the dark?" because I'm not ridiculous enough to demand any sort of special attention from you - and I've grown used to doing things myself and coming home to an empty house anyway. SO DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME I'M UNREASONABLE AND ALL THAT OTHER CRAP THAT YOU CLAIM I AM.

Let's give you the benefit of the doubt. Let's say you're right. Let's say I am indeed the poor excuse for a immature human being that you say I am. No wait, I CANNOT ACCEPT THAT because GOD, GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE and realize that every individual is different and too bad, you should accept me for who I am and just because I don't think the same way as you do, or that I have different opinions than you - it doesn't mean that You > All and there is definitely something wrong with me, JUST GOD WHAT IS YOUR WAY OF THINKING.

Go, eat some ice-cream. I think it'd do you some good. Heck, I think it'd do me some good. >[

Anyways, went to the barn today for my first Intermediate lesson! It was a fantastic ride, Midnight was perfect as usual. We jumped really huge - oh god. Intermediate indeed! My instructor raised the jumps to one of the highest I've ever jumped and we did a full course. Midnight overjumped one particular huge vertical by god knows how much - a foot? And I was just completely taken by surprise with his massive leap, yelling "OMFG that was MASSSIVE!" as he landed and tossed his head madly and we just whirled off. Then towards the end of the lesson, Lori (my instructor) put up one exceptionally high jump and I looked at it and I thought, "Holy crap." and she was like, "Okay, who wants to give it a go? Yin!"
I was excited, because I love jumping and Midnight was full of Go today, so we cantered round and the first time I jumped it, good lord. So big. We jumped it a few times and I think I got left behind a few times (poor Midnight!) but it was so fun. The other girls rode pretty well too, so it was a really fun lesson. We didn't want it to end! ♥
Messed around the barn with Lisa the whole day, we gave Snoopy a bath and ended up having a waterfight, laughing our heads off and getting soaked in freezing cold water! I promised her I'd take photos of her riding, so I brought my camera in and DID MY BEST but omg I could not seem to get the shot I wanted! D: But some were okay, so I guess it's something. A girl I rode with today told me I look good on Midnight, and I was so pleased. I wish someone would take photos of me riding Midnight, but god forbid, nothing on earth would possibly convince Bro to come out to the barn, not even if I fell off and broke me neck. >[
All bitterness aside, a great day, all in all. I love working with Lisa. And I love my barn, it's such a wonderful place! ♥


Anonymous Fara said...
Oh, ROFL!! well, thanks anyway XD.
And your brother is crazy for calling you like that. You are definitely open-minded, and from your writting I can tell you are wise and mature beyond your years.


Anonymous ynn said...
*spams the "Gimme a hug!" button*

You already know I think you're light years more mature than someone of your age has any right to be :P so I'd have to disagree with your bro.

My brother is exactly the same--he'd go out of his way to help his friends, but can't get his older sis a glass of water. *rolls eyes*