Friday, April 6, 2007; 7:09 PM
This is possibly the sole reason why I really really really need to watch 300.

Oh yes please.

And here is an extremely random footage of some Korean dude dancing like Hyori Lee. Just... just... oh god. I think I died of an inexplicably disturbing emotion when he started air-humping. I stared at his ass in mesmerization throughout the whole clip wondering, "Does that really belong to him?!"
AM I SCARRED FOR LIFE?? AM I?? (And yes, girls, he has a nice ass - waitbutnotinthatwaycomeback!)


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Anonymous lynn said...
Clorith drew my attention to 300 with her "80% Naked Guy" talk. I presume she was talking about Xerxes. XDDD

I wonder what rating it is, though. I heard it gets pretty brutal-- oh, wait, even though this is Singapore, I'm 21 this year! Should totally be legal for me!

Second video is... *dies* Iwantthosehips.

Anonymous Fara said...
Lol, then i shall comment again XD.

You talked about it on your xanga, I went back to check XD. Lol, you were with the girls from CXA and Cloud called Aerith "darling"!! *dies*.
So, that one ^__^.

LMAO at the 300 video. I want to see that movie now XD.

Blogger Yin said...
@Lynn : I think it should be PG....15, at the very least? I've heard the brutal rumours too, but I can't take the movie seriously anymore after seeing all the hilarious 300 parodies on LJ. xDD

@Fara : OH LOLOLOLOLOL MY DEAR. That was a dream!!! xDD I dreamt it!! Good grief, if Cloud really did call Aerith 'darling', the pink forums would have exploded!! xDDD *huggles* Hahahahha!!