Tuesday, May 22, 2007; 2:47 AM
1 DOWN, 3 TO GO!
OMFG OMFG OMFG MAJOR PRESENTATION IS OVER YES YES YES. Oh man, I've never pulled so many all-nighters in a row before. Our team got awesome marks, yes yes yes, all that work was worth it! Our presentation today was awesome.... awesome awesome. I love working in a team with my best friends. Sammy's such a great team leader.

NO NO NO NO now I have Web3d due in a mere couple of days, oh snap, which means - no, I still can't sleep. T_____T OH LORDY and then there's the Flash game due this week and the next, and digital imaging as well, and then the exam.... AAAGGHH.

Goodbye sleep, I won't be seeing you anytime soon!

Stress is taking a toll on everyone, Sammy, MJY and me have been snapping at each other non-stop the past few weeks, and last night I had the Biggest Fight Ever with McCool, resulting in World War III, and no sleep, and my phone being bombarded with calls and text messages at all odd hours of the night and morning, and him appearing in front me this morning in the pouring rain with sorry red eyes and I'm so used to having fights with him, but this was hands down the Biggest Explosion Ever. And then my brother and I started fighting, and wow, there's a lot of fighting going on at the moment.

But Sammy, MJY and me will never ever seriously fight, and the issue between them has been resolved as well, and McCool and me are as friendly as ever always and my brother and I are pissing each other off as per usual, so what the heck.

If you go into my class in Uni, you will see everyone crowded around monitors with panda eyes and looking like undead zombies, HAHAHA. I know someone who hasn't showered in two days just sitting in front of the computer working! Hahahaha! And they say RMIT has the reputation for being the good-looking Uni. Oh, I love my Uni life.

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