Thursday, May 3, 2007; 11:28 PM
Dream, and watch the world go by
It's been both a good day and a bad day, but it's the kind of day where everything changes into good in some strange way or another.

McCool signed off last night suggestively saying that I should come early into Uni today to spend some time alone with him, so I decided to do just that. I woke up at around 7am to a loud clap of thunder, and peered groggily out my window to see the country lit up in a bright fireball of orange, complete with vicious cycles of lightning. McCool later revealed that he had hesitated and wondered if he should go to Uni in the rain, and so did I. But as it would have it, the rain stopped just as we stepped out our doorsteps, and in an uncanny coincidence, the sun started shining.

I was planning to be fashionable punctual, or maybe a few minutes late, because I didn't want to seem like I was much too eager to be spending some time with McCool, but as the day would have it - a train derailed at Oakleigh and all services to the city were cancelled. I had to take a shuttle bus, and ended up running 45 minutes late. Worried that McCool would be annoyed at my lateness, I ran up to the studio, only to find him huddled comfortably in one corner with a classmate, discussing their assignments. Well, of course, we did come in to Uni to work - and he is doing just that - but I was slightly miffed that I had flustered myself over nothing, worried about him being alone when he wasn't. In a slight hidden annoyance, I smiled Hello at him, then silently seated myself in the furthest corner of the studio, right across the room from where he was. I was annoyed, so I just fiddled with the computer and my mp3 player, and started some of my own work, avoiding myself from looking at him. McCool barely glanced over at me, which irked me even more, because there was no reason to - but it irked me anyway.

Barely ten minutes after I had sat down and started staring blankly at the sheets of paper in front of me, his classmate got up and left the class. I felt my heart skip a beat, but I didn't look up and fiddled with my MP3 player even more, then McCool silently stood up and sauntered over, his quiet smile on his face. Oh, he sways me. In less than a minute after he had come over, he had managed to get me to move back across the studio to sit with him. Damn your charming powers, McCool! *shakes fist*

After we had sat and drawn for a fair amount of time, our rumbling tummies decided it was lunch time. He sat and pondered what to have, while I merely chuckled in acknowledgement of his suggestions. There was a brief period of silence, then he said, ".....Do you wanna come?" and I almost exploded, but I coolly said, "Yeah, sure." like it was the most normal thing on earth. McGeek came into the studio just as we decided we would have our first lunch together, just the two of us - so we asked McGeek to come along as well. McCool decided to take us to a quiet, quaint little Japanese cafe hidden in one of the alleyways in Chinatown - and forbade me from ordering noodles, because he knows I've been surviving off nothing but instant noodles for the past entire month. I started to realize just how many little inside jokes me and McCool share, when we were talking McGeek could barely understand a word of what we were saying, plus the small, knowing smiles we occasionally exchanged.

Over lunch we talked about writing, and he said, "If I can tell an entire story with a painting, rather than a thousand word essay, I'd rather do that. I think that's a lot more powerful."

"If you can speak a thousand words in a painting," I replied, "then it's a gift, and it's rare."

We're artists, and we understand what it's like to love our art, and how difficult it is to convey all these mixed-up emotions onto canvas and colours. I admit that McCool is a much better artist than I am - his works are seriously to-die-for, but I think that's another aspect of us that makes us click, we're both 'artists' and we understand the mindset.

After lunch, we went back up to the studio to keep working. I had to make a phone call before going into the studio, and McCool silently stood outside with me to keep me company. I was surprised, but I didn't say anything as he stood silently beside me, staring blankly through the window. Last night, he asked me if I would still be in Australia next year, and I told him that I wasn't sure.

"Well....I hope you stay."

Was what he said, and he's the first person to have said that he wants me to stick around, just the other night we both confirmed the likelihood that our friendship would fall apart in a year's time, and tonight he says he hopes not to lose me. I consider it an achievement for McCool to admitting to something like wanting someone to stay with him, and I couldn't help it, I was touched.

We split up in the studio and worked on our assignments, and I couldn't help but overhear his argument with his team member, how McCool was the only one pulling all the weight and the other guy was doing nothing. After the blow-up, McCool was frustrated and annoyed, he walked over and planted himself in a silent fluster on the table beside me. I didn't say anything, but I patted his knee, he raised his head, and we fell silent. He didn't say anything, but I know he appreciated it, from the way he looked at me. Then I decided I would have to walk across to the other building to do the International Students Roll Call, and McCool should have waited for McGeek - but he chose to come with me.

It was dark and cold outside, and I had left my jacket upstairs. We started walking, and he glanced at me wrapping my arms around myself and asked if I was okay. I'm fine, I smiled, and we walked on, chattering in the way that only we do. After we had done the task, we stepped back out and it was pouring with rain. In dismay, we stared upwards - and again he asked if I would be okay. I looked at him, and I knew that if I had said "No", he would have taken off his jacket and offered it to me, so I smiled and said I'm fine. We splashed off through the rain, and McCool lowered his head and complained about how the rain annoyed his glasses. I joked that he was like a car windscreen, and we laughed and laughed as we both got soaked to the skin together - me jumping nimbly over every puddle whilst he trudged right through them. Are you okay? he asked for the third time and I told him to stop being such a worrywart.

When we finally made it back to shelter, we looked at each other and laughed at our bedraggled hair and drenched clothes, then he suddenly pushed the little gift box into my hand and told me to take it. I clasped my hand over my mouth, and he told me he would stop by to see me at work tomorrow, then turned and dissapeared faster than you could say Free Coffee!

Rain which was initially bad, turned out to be not so bad after all.

I went back up to the studio and proudly showed my sneakers to Sammy and MJY, for they had holes in them and I'm too lazy to buy new shoes. They gasped in horror and swiftly made arrangements to take me on a wild shopping spree next week, insisting that I cannot survive with shoes like that. We went to dinner and I choked on one of Sammy's octopuses, and in between fits of laughter and tears, MJY banged my back so hard as I was gagging, the octopus dislodged from my throat and Sammy shrieked in wild laughter. We went back up to MJY's apartment to work on some voice recordings for our animation - and there's a scene where my character dies and I was having trouble emulating her death scream. Sammy promptly took her place beside me, grabbed my arm and twisted it so hard I screamed out loud in blinding pain and shock, and MJY pressed the 'Record' button.

We doubled up and collapsed onto the floor in helpless laughter, as MJY put the scream on Repeat, we laughed and laughed and laughed till the tears were rolling down our faces and we were desperately gasping for air. Then they walked me to the train station, I missed the train and decided to go get some crepes instead. I accidentally banged into the train barriers as I walked in backwards, and we shrieked in spontaneous laughter again as all heads turned to stare at us.

As I walked home, the full moon was shining and I decided that my life was set here, where my friends are, where my heart lies. I'll go wherever they go, we'll all stay, but we'll all leave, but we'll always always want to be with each other.

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