Sunday, May 6, 2007; 5:53 PM
Getting into the right mindset
I took half the day off from work, I've showered and I smell nice, I'm dressed up and Britney Spears is pumping out my speakers- it's 5pm and my friends are coming over in a few minutes time to pick me up. We're all driving to the party over at Herman's house, almost everyone from Uni is going, including McCool - and I'm excited! It's been waaay too long since I've taken time off work to have fun. Fun! I haven't gone out to have fun in forever!

Sure, I have work again tomorrow, but whatever, I'm determined to have as much fun as I can tonight. Just one night of stress-free activities. Youth! It smells like youth! I'm 20 years old, I should be out having fun and partying and living the life and going crazy with friends! We're young and reckless and don't give a damn about the future! Yes, I deserve a day off work!!!
It smells like Uni life! Enjoy it!! =)