Tuesday, May 8, 2007; 7:57 PM
Hey, what's the big idea?!
I was working in Uni anyway, because you had said you would be in there - but to be honest, I didn't care if you showed up or not, because I just wanted to focus on my work and not deal with your annoying smartarse attitude that made me marvel at just how big of a jerk you could be and how I manage to put up with it and yet still find you irresistably alluring.

Frustrated with Web3D, I logged onto Ohnotheydidnt and started reading and chuckling to myself about Paris Hilton whining about her jail sentence. I had my phone on the table in case you decided to call me anyway, but I wasn't expecting anything. Suddenly there was a knock on the glass behind me - I turned and saw you looking at me in embarassed amusement, then your eyes travelled to Paris Hilton whining about clean underwear, and I almost killed myself laughing.

So we started talking again, and you spent almost your entire time in the lab helping me with my Web3D, and why must you sit so close?! You make me panic in silence, especially when you're speaking and staring straight at me, and you're so close, and I just - can't - focus! I can't, you're too fucking sexy, and you know it - I can't stand the way you look at me, and the way you brush against my fingers when you intersect my typing, and the way you shake me by the shoulders when you tease me. You seem to know that your sexy eyes and voice have this power over me and oh, how you use it to your advantage! I feel terrible, so get away from me, and you're toying with me like a cat playing with a mangled mouse.

Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. I can't go in to Uni to work anymore, it's too distracting with you around. I'm distracted when I work alone at home, and now I get distracted when I'm in Uni too! How on earth am I ever going to get any work done!?

Too bad your personality leaves so much to be desired, although your arkwardness is endearing in a way, I really can't stand the way you give up and quit on things so easily at the drop of a hat, and your 'couldn't-care-less' nature about everything. You can be such a butthead. Then again, you probably can't stand my indecisiveness and random timidity, my lack of confidence and my repetitive, annoying comments. We probably annoy the heck out of each other, which makes us even. I was kinda boiling when I went home, because of your terrible attitude, but you were probably less than enthusiastic about me too. I can be incredibly annoying when I want to, and today was one of them. Ugh ugh ugh, this game is becoming much too difficult for me to play. I've never felt like I'm losing a game around a boy before, god, how I hate you for it. I feel like completely cutting loose and forgetting this ever happened, because you're messing up my head like no boy has ever done before, and I hate it.

Oh, how we test each other.