Sunday, May 13, 2007; 6:19 PM
Rot your soul
After an entire day of sitting in front of my screen working on never-ending assignments and really, truly, breaking my brain - it's my favourite time of the day : blog time!

MY BRAIN IS BROKEN. I can't do this anymore! I've been working, day in day out for the past GOD KNOWS HOW LONG and when I finally get a day off, I have to sit and work on horrible assignments all day long, from sun up till sun down! Ugh! Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh! I'd almost rather be a hermit under a bridge!

Is this what they call stress? Because this seems to be the only emotion I'm capable of feeling anymore. And tomorrow it's back to work again, another early morning, another day of the inescapable routine, boring, mundane, tedious - I feel like screaming. McCool marvels at how I manage to juggle two jobs on top of a crazy pile of assignments, strings of exams and still finding the time to sit down and lending a caring ear to the ongoing problems of my friends. I tell him I manage it at the expense of a severe sleep-deprivation, countless cups of hot chocolate and a daily dosage of Mika. Who is my caring ear then, he asks, well, I tell him that there is nothing that a good serving of Getting-Used-To-It can't cure.

Just as a nostalgic reminder of when life used to be fun, here are a couple of photos from Herman's party the other night.

Posing with the ladies
From left to right : Tfie aka MissPretty, Me, Birthday 'Herman' Boy, Sammy

Please excuse the lack of boobs, I swear we do have them. It's just unflattering choice of clothing for all of us ladies that night. I mean, if we didn't have boobs, Herman probably wouldn't be looking so delighted to be snuggling up to us girls, right? Yeah.

The original trio (outside the house before the party)
From left to right : Sammy, Mighty Joe Young, Me

I hope MJY and Sammy get over their little tiff and start speaking to each other again soon. I'm sick of being stuck in the middle, valiantly trying to listen to both sides and being fair. Aren't we friends, dammit, why can't you guys just punch each other and leave it at that?! And yes, I know that photo is a repost, but whatever. My brain is too fried to find another photo.

There are more photos, but I won't show them because I look like an idiotic drunk in those shots, even though I wasn't drunk - I don't drink alchohol, remember? Still, I have my ~*~reputation~*~ to maintain.

Right now, I just want to snuggle up to my boyfriend and fall asleep. BUT NO WAIT I CAN'T BECAUSE I HAVE TO DO ASSIGNMENTS and he has exams anyway. Ugh ugh ugh, I think I need chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Jin, I miss you dammiiiitttt.

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Blogger Nastasya said...
*pats* Maybe you should ask for less hours at work? It's kind of dangerous to ask something like that but you're a pretty valuable worker, right? I'm sure they'd let yoy have a little more time off. I mean, stress isn't good. You could have a mental breakdown or something. But in the meantime, i find that green tea and chocolate works well. ^^