Saturday, May 19, 2007; 6:54 PM
snippets of conversation
McCool : See, we're the same. I draw something and think it's shit, but people look at it and say it's great. You draw something and think it looks like crap, but people look at it and say it's great.

Me : You're right. I wonder why we think like that? Maybe it's because --

McCool : -- because we're fucking awesome!

Me : Well, I was thinking more along the lines of 'self-degrading', but yeah, awesome works.


Me : Wow, look, there's so many stars in the sky tonight!

McCool : Sure.

Me : You don't like stars?

McCool : Well, what do you want me to say? They're just dots. In the sky.

Me : How can you say that? They're so pretty! Lights in the dark, high above us.

McCool : Hmm.....okay. Let me see if I can find some disgusting shape in the stars.

Me : They're called constellations! And they're not disgusting! Oh, you're so unromantic.

McCool : Look, Cancer's picking his nose.


McCool : You're completely different from my sisters. You like simple stuff, you don't care for expensive brands, you don't doll yourself up and you're not materialistic. You're humble. It's a good thing.

Me : Yeah, that's right. I'm special. You don't find girls like me anymore.

McCool : Well, you can't find guys like me anymore either. Cool and badass in one. I'm rare.

Me : .....I can't argue with that.

McCool : Hey, we're one-of-a-kind. We're vintage.


I've become entirely accustomed to having you around - again you picked me up from work yesterday as we grinned at each other from across the shopping mall where I work, and commuted into the city together. You once told me your neighbour makes the best curry puffs, and you got some to share with me today, but your pride is too big to admit you did, and my pride is too big to accept, so I ate sushi whilst you sipped tea. We ran into your mum and you swore, I laughed hysterically and did you a favour by walking away and pretending we were strangers. It rains a lot when we're together, and we huddled up together in the Uni studio slaving over assignments until we broke our record of being physically together till 2 in the morning. You insisted on carrying my laptop bag for me and making me wear your beanie when I was cold, then again insisted on taking me home despite your own exhaustion. We walked underneath the stars and laughed at each other's foggy breath in the chilly night air, taking it in turns to yawn and talk about random things.

I love the way you put me in your MSN name, and the way you keep trying to take photos of me with your phone and how you ask me every ten minutes if my hands are cold so you can warm them up. We've splashed through hundreds of puddles together, hoodies up, and you say I've changed you, but I still can't get you to put on a decent pair of jeans.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I would just like to point out, that if you think you do not deserve the attention that Mc Cool gives to you or if you remember your boyfriend, you really should not be leading Mc Cool on by being so responsive to his budding affections.

Blogger Yin said...
LOL budding affections. xDDD I doubt McCool has any form of 'budding affection' towards me at all - but yes, I do know that leading on is a big no-no. As for now, we're just good friends, so I'm not worried. Thanks for the advice though. :) that you? xD