Thursday, May 17, 2007; 4:57 AM
this night
Goddamn, you just insisted on walking me home at 1am in the morning even though you live in the complete opposite direction, on the complete other end of town, and because of me you missed your last train home and had to take a cab instead, which will cost you a fortune - and I told you again and again not to bother, but you insisted - god, you insisted because you were worried about me going home alone so late at night - and you walked me all the way home, that entire 1 1/2 hour commute from the city in the cold, dark morning and you even rubbed my hands in your palms when I complained they were numb and cold and stiff, even though you can't stand touching girls because you're not used to it.

We stayed alone in the studio until 12am, just the two of us, working on assignments. I forgot to bring in my files, so I helped you with yours, and you asked me if I was bored, but I told you that your company makes me feel comfortable, and then you broke the sentimental atmosphere by farting and apologized by letting me wear your favourite beanie. We drew on the back of each other's hands and you said my perfume smelt nice.

We're both exhausted, but you walked me home. God, nobody's ever walked me home before. Your said it's not safe and I'm too fragile - but - you walked me home.

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