Sunday, June 3, 2007; 3:11 AM
Another all-nighter
It's quite amazing how I manage to pull off so many all-nighters without coffee, alchohol or any stimulating drink. Last night I finally managed to SLEEP.... sleep as in sleep, in all sense of the word. SLEEP. Actually close my eyes and sleep.

And then I dreamt that I was arguing with Big M and I slapped him, LOL. So not a very pleasant dream, even with the much needed sleep.

I miss hanging out with my friends. I feel like I haven't seen MJY or Sammy in ages. I spoke to MJY online just now, and said we should go watch Shrek 3 after the exams, and he said we shouldn't start planning just yet. D: I miss my friends! I feel like I haven't laughed in ages. Sammy's been distant and quiet, MJY has been staying away, and I know it's just because we've all been so incredibly busy these days - third year Uni is definitely not a walk in the park - but I miss them. MJY says he misses being with me too, but everyone's just so busy. Too busy! Poor Corinne has such dark rings underneath her eyes, you'd think she's a panda from afar! Well, my skin and hair and nails are suffering considerably from my lack of sleep, but I think my mental health is suffering the most, hahaha. I'm going a little crazy.

McCool dragged me to Southbank tonight to destress, apparently he says my eyes are insanely bloodshot red and I need to get away from work and the computer screen before I break down and KO, so we hung around to watch the flames at Crown and he bought me some of my favourite Famous Amos cookies - Chocolate & Macadamia, yum!! I have a sore throat, a cold and a cramped leg so I haven't been feeling magnificent, but cookies always does the trick. =)

I miss my boyfriend too, I rang him up the other day, but unfortunately the phone lines weren't great and I called at a bad time for him, lol. It feels like we haven't spoken in ages, but I don't suppose there's that much to speak about either. *sigh* We're both just way too busy, I guess.

Wonder how my dog is doing. Wow, now I'm hungry. What's the time? Half past two in the morning, hmm. Should it be another all-nighter...?

Nah, Sunday tomorrow. I'm determined to sleep tonight, even if just for a short while.