Wednesday, June 27, 2007; 1:44 PM
Bad weather, bad riding
HAHAHAHAHA my brother just walked in on me changing with my top off, and then my horse place called and cancelled my horse riding lesson due to bad weather. Strong winds, harsh rain - I wouldn't want to ride in this weather either. Not quite sure how I feel about the brother thing, because I completely cracked up at his face and it was all for nothing too! Oh dear, oh dear. And then you wasted a couple of dollars on me texting me and telling me to be extra careful riding in this weather, and I'm all "D: But I'm not riding! :D?"

And my boss didn't say anything about me doing any extra shifts on Saturday too, so I'm going out on Saturday!! Goddammit I'm going to the park to watch the ducks and nothing is going to stop me. Tomorrow Pixar will be at ACMI in Federation Square, so a bunch of us from Uni are going to the talks and showcases, and I'm broke, so I don't know how I'm going to go, but I'm going to go anyway - because last night I dreamt of my high school reunion and I realized how much we all changed, and how much I love my Uni friends now, so I'm going to see them tomorrow dammit, and nothing is going to stop me, not even my weeping wallet. Who knows, Pixar might hire me, wishful thinking on my part, HAHAHAHAHA.

Oh well, looks like I'll have an extremely rare day off to just laze around home and do nothing! Maybe clean a little, and this weather is perfect for baking cookies, so that's just what I'll do! =)

And tomorrow, I'm going to bake chocolate chip muffins.
First it was my spending spree, now it's a baking spree. What's next? I didn't cry over you, but I'm crazily spending and baking and cleaning and doing everything I normally wouldn't do. I feel like Izzy in Grey's Anatomy when Denny left her, only difference is you didn't leave me with an 8 million dollar cheque when we said Goodbye.