Friday, June 1, 2007; 11:54 PM
Sew-on patches
Sorry for the recent locked access, I was trying to get away from buggy spamware! Fortunately I was way too lazy to update or even to unlock it - hahahahaha - so I've just left this blog like that for a bit whilst I slaved away on assignments and work and exam preparations and horses and everything else!

Anyways, SUBMITTED ASSIGNMENTS IT'S SUBMITTED IT'S SUBMITTED. I could cry, I'm so relieved! Now only one more major assignment and the major exam next week, and it's HOLIDAAAYS!!!

Plus, Coffee Bean is getting renovated, which means soon I'll get a wonderful two week break off from work! I can't wait! Omg! *hyperventilates* And I have this weekend off work!!! Aaahh heaven. I can't wait for holidays, gonna go to the zoo, to Horseland, to the movies....

And I look in my wardrobe and realize I desperately need some new clothes, especially some warm jumpers. T_T

HAHAHA, LiveJournal completely spoiled PoTC3 for me! The idiot who posted the spoilers in large, bold fonts without using a LJ cut...I would very much like to throw a brick at you. Fortunately I don't care that much for PoTC, otherwise I'd be seriously pissed. If it was Harry Potter on the other hand...

Well I need to get back into the blogging gist of things, so this is a casual entry for now. Actually, I quite liked having a locked, private journal, hmm..... but oh well! We shall see!


Blogger Nastasya said...
Ohoho!! Congratulations, Yin!! Holidays are so wonderful, mine's coming up in just a couple weeks and I couldn't be more excited. ^^ And I'm sure it will be so nice to be able to relax and not even have to work for a couple weeks for you. ^^ I hope you enjoy it a lot and that you get to relax. It seems like you've been too stressed out lately and I'm glad your holiday is coming soon. :3

Blogger Yin said...
YES THANK YOU TASH T___T I really need to break, oh man, my brains feel like bursting. I can't wait, just one more crazy slaving busy week and it'll be over!