Thursday, July 12, 2007; 2:52 PM
Dumbledore's got style
Harry Potter was awesome, 'nuff said. =) I'm determined to watch it again, although I'm not quite sure how I will manage that, unless I beg and bribe and whine my way to persuade people to watch it with me again and again and again. I already feel sorry for both my brother and McCool, who were victims of enduring my bubbly enthusiasm during last night's premiere. They cast each other humorous glances of sympathy as I babbled on about Thestrals and Nimbuses and Hippogriffs all night long. Which was pleasing in a way, because I had been nervous about how my brother would get along with McCool, but it went well, must be Harry Potter magic!

It was a good movie, 9.5 out of ten stars from me! XD I cringed a little at the Cho x Harry kiss because it was just so weird, but eveything else was awesome. The Weasley's escape was awesome and Luna was awesome, and so was Bellatrix, and young James.

Wheee! I'm on a Harry Potter high. And next the book will be out soon, so yay! Media shutdown for Yin on the 21st, gonna just hide and read the entire night with my computer and tv turned off! So excited!

Oh dear, what fandom shall I get excited and look out for once Harry Potter is over? D: Final Fantasy is over, now Harry Potter will be over - what's next? Oh, for what is life without fangirling? Nooo~!!!

Btw, the new images of Aerith for Crisis Core had me on a sappy high. I dislike Zack with a passion, but Aerith is so pretty, ugh! Time for pink ribbons to reappear again!

Anyways, my timetable for next semester's Uni is out, and it's pretty crappy. It's quite full, which means I won't be as relaxed as this semester which is such a pain, what with juggling my two jobs and now packed classes along with assignments and exams, horse riding and a social life in between. How exhausting, but I suppose it's better to be exhausted when you're young rather than rushing about with creaky bones in 50 years time. Hard work bears the fruits of labour, and I certainly hope the fruits of labour will be popping up as a beautiful sum of numbers in my (now almost empty) bank account.

Any offers to buy me a horse? Anyone? Yes? :D

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Anonymous nikkou-chan said...
You weren't the only won who found the Harry x Cho kiss weird. :|

Oh! Oh! I looove the new Aerith pics!! Pretty! Still not happy with the Zerith stuff even though I know they were dating back then...