Thursday, July 26, 2007; 12:44 AM
the ground seems further than I expected
Sleek, powerful cannon bones striking out at the ground, flying dust, sparkling mane. The jump looms up ahead, drawing closer with every stride. C'mon, Midnight, let's go - I urge on the black shadow beneath me. Midnight tosses his head, snorts and plunges aside at the very last second, right before his hooves leave the ground. I am flung forwards and sideways as I rise out of the saddle in anticipation of the jump, tethering for a short second between his neck and the ground, then I am crashing, crashing onto my spine, downwards as I wait for the impact. It seems to take a lot longer than I expected, and when I finally hit the ground, I felt all the wind leave my body as I gasp out loud in shock.

Midnight comes to a standstill, snorting in impatience as Alex comes running up. I sit up, stare at her, feel my throbbing back and start laughing. The very next second I am back up on my feet and Alex is giving me a leg-up onto Midnight and we canter off once again. It felt great, to finally take a REAL fall, and it felt even greater to have the guts to get back on that horse and continue riding.

Ten minutes later we are cantering serpentines and over two vertical jumps - in the speed, Midnight decided to go left while I wanted to go right. The arena wall loomed up in my face and I managed to grab hold of it as I was flung off, calling out "Whoa whoa steady" to Midnight as I dangled horizontally between him and the fence. Alas, we were going too fast and I came off, this time I managed to roll to lessen the impact.

Still, two falls in one lesson! I am going to be so sore tomorrow, even walking will be a problem. Wow, fun! Still, you don't really become a horseperson until you fall off, so now I'm broken in! =)

I dislike looking at Friendster because it reminds me of all the good times we had and I miss that. My mum got a webcam and was excitedly showing me around her apartment and it made me a little sad inside. Change is frenetic, never ending, but it's getting used to changes that can prove to be a hurdle. I feel so disconnected from the world I was once a part of, now my entire world is entirely new and it consists of MJY and Sammy, the horses at Blinkbonnie and the sight of you smiling lovingly at me as I hide under your blankets, giggling with unsuppressed laughter. Then you accidentally elbow me sharply in the head and I spent the next five minutes clutching my temple as my eyes swim before me in pain, reminding myself that this is love, and love is pain.

Sometimes I wonder how you are all doing, my friends that I left behind in that now seemingly faraway country, and I wonder if you sit back from time to time and think of me too, and the times we spent together racing down high school corridors, tugging shoelaces and sharing nasi lemak. Reminiscence is golden but don't get lost in it, don't get lost in it, darling.

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