Sunday, July 1, 2007; 11:18 PM
They taste like you, only sweeter
Voila, here's the results of my crazed muffin-baking spree, Dark Chocolate Chip Muffins!!

I made a tonne of these, and despite it being my very first attempt at baking muffins, they turned out simply faaaabulous, dah-ling~!!
The texture was a little soggy on the middle, but otherwise it was light and flaky and ideally muffin-esque. I replaced the pre-packaged chocolate chips with indulgent Cadbury Dark Chocolate chips, by request of the boy who dutifully accompanied me on my trip to the supermarket and carrying all my impulse buys without a single word of complaint. Replacing the chips were a good choice, because they were beautifully melted and soft upon baking, and yet still retaining its shape. Also, the choccie chips inside the muffin batter melted into a beautiful river of chocolate explosions whenever you sank your teeth into one of these little gems. Oooh-err!

I gave some to the boy, his mom, his sisters, their boyfriends and everyone's aunt and second cousin - and then saved some for myself and my brother, and maybe the girls at the barn and Coffee Bean, but alas, there were not enough muffins to go around despite my desperate attempts to make 12 muffins seem like 120 muffins.

They were a hit! Everyone loved these muffins, I myself am proud to say I handled about two before bursting into hysterics over calories. Muffins win everyone over, I am now the new favourite person of previous enemies - and in the future, a word for the wise - when in hostility, just bake.

Baking helps me get over you, and I'm never really ever going to get over you, but we stayed out till 2 am in the pouring rain and he kept me company and stayed the entire night to let me cry until the sun rose, and then as if it wasn't enough, he came with me to my horse place to help me get the first lesson horses ready, despite wearing his clean new jeans. Unfortunately, the biggest downside is the prissy un-horseyness of you, and you lost major major respect points when you refused to pat Midnight because he was "so dirty!!" And that's a HUGE downside. I was quite disgusted, really, and even though it's muddy and sloppy and rainy and I shouldn't expect any more from a non-horsey person - you reminded me of those prissy girls with manicured nails that shriek hysterically if a horse so much as looks in their direction. So you are all talk and no action when it comes to horses, le sigh. Ah, respect. Yin's respect is earned through her horses, and I'm reminded again every day why horses are always my number 1.

Muffins and boys - they're both sinfully dangerous and bad for me and I keep telling myself to stay away, but somehow or other I always end up baking anyhow.

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