Sunday, July 22, 2007; 11:28 PM

Ugh, I need some time to let it all sink in. The epilogue, just.... *shakes head* waayy too cheesy. The rest of the book was fantastic though, although my ickle fangirl heart broke when Fred died, NOOOOO~!!!! ;___; And Lupin!! And Hedwig!! Oh, JK, why!!

Anyways, I went to get the book yesterday morning, as soon as I could heave myself out of bed, dutifully accompanied by my uninterested-but-goes-along-to-keep-me-company-anyway boy, bless him, who stood and stared around in shocked amusement at the people running around dressed in wizards hats and robes at Borders. Started reading the moment I was comfortably settled in my bed - but alas I was distracted about six chapters in by the same amused boyfriend - and I had to put down the book to entertain his pokes. Started reading again today, after seeing him off at the station - and because of it I MISSED GREY'S ANATOMY. YES, I was too busy mourning the death of FRED MY FRED MY BEAUTIFUL FRED and Dobby and Colin and Snape and OH GOD SO MANY DEATHS that I completely forgot that Grey's Anatomy was on!!! D: D: D:

But Mrs Weasley pwned the entire book with, "Not my daughter, YOU BITCH!!!"
God, Mrs Weasley, ILU BB. ♥ They had better not cut that line out from the movie!!!

Still ALBUS SEVERUS?!? Umm...... I also don't see how Harry x Ginny = Tru Luv, judging from the tiny relationship they shared. Ron x Hermione are as obvious as always but Harry x Ginny always made me raise an eyebrow. OH WELL. I suppose it's not too bad. I just disagree strongly in their choice of names for their children.

Still, a great read and I can't believe it's finally over!! There goes a portion of my childhood, haha. At least there's still the movies to look forward to! :)

Eee, I can't wait till tomorrow when I can scream about the book to just about anybody who will listen. I'll probably keep the boy up all night screaming about the injustice served to Fred and Tonks and Lupin!!!!


Blogger Nastasya said...
I lawled at Albus Severus. Can we say ugliest/silliest name EVER?!

SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Blogger Yin said...
I know!! And HUGO!??!! LAWLLLLL!!