Monday, July 2, 2007; 9:46 PM
It's a beautiful view
I love the way you hold my hand firmly all the way through even though I am freaking out and scared and you are somewhat angry at me but you hold my hand anyway and force me to talk about it even when I'm doing what I'm doing and trying to avoid the issue like I always do. But you hold my hand anyway and tell me to talk about it, because you know I want to talk about it even if I say otherwise. It's the way you read me, like nobody else does. And then we laugh and laugh and you run after me all the way down the shopping mall corridor when I flounced away in a huff, and after a couple of meters I wondered if you would come after me, and then there were your running footsteps and my wild shriek of laughter.
You say people always stare at us when we're out together - maybe it's because we look stunning when it's the both of us dressed in black - but I say it's because we're always laughing when we're together.
You're also the very first person I feel comfortable enough to sing out loud around you, which is quite amazing because I can't sing in front of people, not even little melody hums.

I'm not quite sure of what is what anymore, but all I know right now is that you held my hand firmly all the way through, so I think it just might be okay this time. It just might be okay.