Sunday, July 8, 2007; 6:44 PM
you're my bodyguard, remember?
Dog sightings! People have been ringing in non-stop with numerous reported sightings of my dog! He's okay! We haven't got him back yet, he's still out there and I am still out of my mind with worry - but at least he's okay, he's alive and that's all that matters.

Oh god, please come home. I'm outraged with these people who have seen him but didn't have the sense to take him in. What's the point of sighting someone's missing dog but not taking him in for the owner to come claim!? Good grief, have more brains people. We have a massive reward up for anyone who returns him, isn't that incentive enough?

The entire neighbourhood is looking for my dog. I'm so touched - the people at the grocer's - yes, the grocer's! They're taking morning and night shifts in parking their cars at random locations in the neighbourhood and jogging around looking for my dog. These are THE PEOPLE WHO WORK AT THE GROCER'S. I want to cry. And the newspaper delivery man has volunteered to distribute flyers all over the neighbourhood at every single house he stops at. I want to hug all these people. I grew up here, and now I realize how precious human relations really are.

Come home, Romario. We miss you like crazy. Dad hasn't slept all night just sitting out in the middle of the night in the garden with the gate open, waiting for you to come home. Mum bought an emergency plane ticket to fly millions of miles home to look for you. Everyone's worried. Come home, baby, come home. I told you to wait for me. Please come home. I know you don't know how, I know you've never been out there before and you're completely sheltered and domesticated, but if there's one time you must rely on your nose and natural instincts to lead you home, it's now. Come on baby, you can do it.

Dog news aside, things are all looking better. You waited for me to finish work at the barn, you waited at the train station for me for well over 2 hours in the freezing, biting cold - without even knowing for sure that I was going to turn up. When I did show, I embarassingly walked straight into the wall because I was so shocked that you were there, my brain completely switched off. A lady gasped and asked if I was alright, clutching my hopefully not-broken nose, I mumbled "I'm okay!" and ran out of the station onto the platform hoping you didn't see me.

You saw me and you walked right up to me, despite my furious efforts to hide myself in the darkest corner of the platform. I was covered in mud and fur and smelt of horse and I didn't want you to see me looking like that, but you came up anyway, and you apologized. I couldn't look at you, I just hid underneath my cap and stayed silent, then I desperately told you to leave. You were silent, then you turned and left without a single word. All the time I was staring at your shoes, and when they walked away, I sank to the floor and started to cry, and some weird Indian dude wouldn't stop staring at me. What, never seen a girl heartbroken before?

I thought we had both screwed it up, and this was it.

That is, until you unexpectedly showed up on my doorstep two hours later, with a serious look on your face and told me that you would never ever make me cry again - and then, of course, I started to cry.

You stayed the night with me again, comforting me about my dog and just talking and holding me until we both fell asleep. We lay in bed until 3 this afternoon when you looked me in the eye and promised me that you would ask me to marry you someday, and then my tummy grumbled and we cracked up. We're young and crazy in love, you stupid fool, but when we're at the supermarket buying groceries together, there's something that tells us that it's more than that, it's so much more than just love.