Tuesday, August 21, 2007; 12:30 AM
late night eggs
You know you've bagged yourself a keeper when a group of idiotic teenagers egg you on the way home and your boy (who hasn't slept all night btw) insists you shower and rest while he spends all night cleaning up your eggy jacket and bag for you - despite being sick and dead tired himself, and even when you threw a hissy fit at him earlier on for no particular reason whatsoever.

I feel guilty, and blessed, and all emotions jumbled up into one as I stand there shivering in his oversized jumper whilst watching him carefully scrub the icky egg shells out of my favourite jacket. He's something special, for how many other guys would even dream of cleaning egg off a girl's jacket for her?

Thank you, and I'm sorry for being such a bad girlfriend. Please don't ever get fed-up of me.


Blogger Nastasya said...
Lucky, lucky. ^^ I only know of two guys in my entire life who I think might do something like that. :D