Wednesday, September 5, 2007; 1:07 PM
The Great Pancake Expedition and Other Things
It was almost midnight when you suddenly sat up straight, looked at me and declared that you felt like walking to the supermarket. Despite my valiant attempts to sway you (it's too cold! it's too far! i'm tired! don't you love me!?) we ended up walking to the supermarket in the dead of the night anyway because you bribed me with cake, and everyone knows that Cake > All.

Halfway there I threw a hissy fit - turned around and started walking back home and glanced back at you to see you squatting there with arms wide open towards me as if calling a puppy dog to come home. Our shadows are a mask of the reality where we look perfect and wholesome but if you look real closely, he's picking his nose and I'm biting my lips.

Then you declared you wanted pancakes and because I am such an Awesome Girlfriend ™ I volunteered my culinary skills to whip you up pancakes more awesome than...well, pancakes... in the middle of the night.

enthusiastically cooking.... something that resembles pancakes, only not really.

I swear it's pancakes! Gimme a break, it's my first time!

Despite it's atrocious appearance, it didn't taste too bad, only a tad sickeningly sweet. The boy managed to struggle his way through three quarters of it, bless his soul, whereas I took one bite and almost threw up in my mouth.

Guess I can cross out 'Iron Chef' from my list of life goals. xD

The next night was spent over at your place and I was upset and irritated because you introduced me to your sister and it was a less-than-perfect introduction on my behalf. You insisted I go to bed, and the moment I squeezed underneath the covers, my legs hit something and I squealed, because you had laid out on the bed the perfect white dress that I had been wanting for ages, and you had spent two days hunting it down in various different locations around Melbourne, just for me. Unfortunately it doesn't fit but oh, I'm such a hopeless romantic and your little wonderful surprises and the!things!you!do!for!me! warms me up more than any electric heater could.

And then the next day, we woke up late despite the alarm going off early because I demanded wake-up cuddles and we ended up cuddling for much longer than initially planned.
Just yesterday we spent the entire day at Uni (and the entire night too) and now I am sleep-deprived and sleepy and sleepy and did I mention sleepy? Also there is so much work to be done but you pumped up some lively ska music in the lab when it was just the two of us in the still of the night, and I was whining until you turned to me, grabbed hold of my hands and asked me to dance. I said, "Are you crazy?!" So we danced.

A first dance, well kind of, even though our butts were still firmly planted in our chairs, but it was a dance, and my face turned to fire when you smiled and declared that you were dancing with an angel.

This morning we are both sore and snappy and groggy but I would do it all over again, only if it's with you.

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Blogger Nastasya said...
You two.... almost make me want a boyfriend again. ALMOST. If I weren't so... turned off by the idea from my last relationship, I'd be out there hunting for one right now. XD