Wednesday, September 12, 2007; 12:54 PM
In a field of sunflowers
OH so much work to do! After one glorious week of slacking and only concentrating on painting one bloody poster, this week brings with it a glorious mountainload of compositing and editing for me to do. How fun! Oh, joy! Only not really.

I love our major project (who doesn't love cute, dog-tail-wagging dragons??) but I can barely wait for the semester to be over. As much as I don't want to graduate, I do want the workload to be lifted - meaning, OCTOBER HURRY UP AND ARRIVE ALREADY!!!! Because the boy, after tolerating my whining for several months on end, has promised 1 full day of sleep, half a day of snuggling and 1 special date day - because we haven't been on a date ever since the start of semester and he hasn't slept a wink since. D:

Also, I want to watch Rattatouile and I will throw a spastic fit if it is out of theatres by the time October rolls around.

Last night I stole your beanie and your hair band to wear as a ring around my middle finger because it looks so cool. And until the day you buy me a real ring, you can bid your hair band a fond adieu. Oh and by the way, I also stole your warm, oversized jumper because it smells like you. I lay claims on it now. :)

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