Friday, September 28, 2007; 10:05 PM
Stuff and nonsense
And voila, the weekend is upon me.

After work, I went riding today with Linda again and I think I've realized that my lack of confidence lately isn't really the horse or me or anything, but it might be the instructor. Alex tends to push things really hard and makes me really nervous whereas Linda is always calm and knows exactly how to tell me what to do - and to be honest, today's lesson with her instructing me was the best lesson I've had in the six months that I've been riding with Alex.

It's too bad I can't have Linda more often. Maybe when holidays start I'll be able to. =)

Anyways, was caught in a killer hailstorm whilst walking home from the barn! Seriously, hard little pellets of ice are lethal! In my desperate attempt to save my life, I grabbed my Coffee Bean uniform and wielded it as some form of pathetic shield against the elements. Wasn't too successful, alas, but it did save me from one particular nasty ice cube that missed my right eye by milimetres! I was drenched to the bone and SO! VERY! COLD! that when I finally crawled my way back home into my warm steaming shower, it hurt! Oh god, my skin was searing from the pain I could literally see it cook. Is this what hypothermia is like? Hahaha!
Oh, the things I put myself through for horses.

Hee, I received a phone call just then and it made me smile. =) Any form of initiated contact from him makes me smile. It makes the working weekend just that little bit more bearable!

Aaahhh only one more day till Sunday only one more day till Sunday only one more day till Sunday only one more day till Sunday!!!

*does the hurry-up-and-come-Sunday! dance* :D


Anonymous Shezael said...
*gives you flowers*

Hiya Yin. Remember me? LOL.
I haven't read your blog for a longlong time since my PC got formatted and lost all the bookmarks - and forgot more than half blogs I used to read. Haha :DD

Anyways I took time reading and only finished Blogger's archive, but not yet the Xanga archive *__*

I love reading your entries heeehee.

Well take care and all the best in studies, life, and etc etc.

Blogger Yin said...
Hi Shez! :D
Of course I remember you! Sorry to hear about your PC.... sucks when that happens. I hope you didn't lose too many stuff.

Can't believe you actually finished reading the old archives! LOL! That's some dedication right there. Thanks a bunch, Shez!

Good luck to you too~~ :D