Monday, October 22, 2007; 1:42 AM
also, I want to quit my job
Today I finally found the time to sit down, turn on my PS2 and pick up my controller.

And played Dirge of Cerberus.

Only my disc wasn't working for some reason, so I had to throw a hissy tantrum and put in a different disc instead.

And played Kingdom Hearts II.
For 8 hours non-stop.

Omg, ROXASSSSSSS. T______T So sad. I cried. Yes, I admit - I cried when Sora left Twillight Town. OH GOODDDDD WHY MUST IT BE SO SAAADDD. Frickin' hell. The last time I cried over a video game was when Aerith died in 1997.

Anyways I've met Aerith in Hollow Bastion and everytime she opens her mouth I want to tear my brains out because Mena Suvari is most probably the worst worst worst voice actress ever! Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. Also, smiley! Leon freaks me out.

Lack of horse riding is doing crazy things to my brain.

By the way, I had a 1 hour phone conversation this morning with a telemarketer.

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Anonymous lynn said...
Mena Suvari is exactly why I decided to play KH2 in Japanese. :P

Roxas' intro was SO long, but it really tugged at your heartstrings when he finds Sora in that pod thingie. You just knew you weren't gonna get to play him anymore. D:

(Ah, but don't fret! SE's already coming up with a side-game aaaaall about Roxas and Organisation XIII. Gee, whodathunkit? *gouges eyes out*)

Haha, I'd just suggest not playing DoC at all because the storyline sucks so bad, but you're a Vincrecia fan, right? So it might make you squee. If you don't smash the controller from the horrid... er, controls... first. XDDD