Saturday, October 20, 2007; 2:21 AM
for the love of flowers
I admit, I'm not all it seems.

Damaged goods, perhaps, like once said.
Not beyond repair, but still very fragile.
I find it hard to trust, and just one lie will cause me to doubt every single little truth after that.
I tend to get very emotional at times.
I don't really understand love.
I am, after all, just a girl.
Like her, and she, and they, and we.
I'm not optimistic and cheerful all the time.
Even though I try to be strong
Sometimes I'm just not
I say I'm fine, when sometimes I'm not.
I obsess and despair a lot on the inside, I just choose not to show it.
And yes, I am actually, really, very very very needy.
I am probably the neediest girl you will ever meet.
I just choose not to show it.
I cry much too easily for the wrong reasons.
Not that I can help it, but I admit
Yes, I wish someone would wipe away the tears
I talk too much, I talk too little.
I wouldn't mind sitting entirely in silence either.
Where we go or what we do doesn't really matter.
And I like it when I am guided through crowds.
Most times when I am hurt, I don't show it.
Because I am, oh maybe, just a little too sensitive.
And I obsess a little over what people think of me
I am, after all, just a girl.
I'm spoilt and selfish and stubborn and bratty.
But sometimes I'm giving and selfless and caring and
straightforward to a point of brutality.
Much too honest for my own good.
And much too naive.
Also, I daydream too much
Think too much
Sometimes I'm clumsy too.

I would like to be pretty
and I would like to be girly
but I can't stand it when people are scared of breaking a nail
And I don't want to change me
And I want someone to love me just as I am
Who I am
How I am
And I am insecure most times
Comparing myself to every other girl out there
Yes, I would like to be protected
and wanted
and secure

Maybe this is generalization, but I am
Just a girl.

Do you still love me now?