Thursday, October 4, 2007; 2:25 PM

The boy finally invited me to meet his family tomorrow night for his sister's birthday - his entire family and flattered though I am that he is actually serious about me enough to introduce me to the family, I am now also panicking nervously. What on earth am I going to wear?! What should I do with my hair?! What language are they going to speak?! What will they think of me?! Will I drop my fork and make a fool out of myself?!

And I will not stop paranoidly freaking myself out until somebody slaps me in the face and yells, "Just pretend they are all your regular customers at Coffee Bean and it will be fine!"

Which works, really, if I just get into my job mindset. Thank you Coffee Bean, even though I am not sure to what extent I have to thank you for improving my social skills. (!?)

Anyway, lend me your words of encouragement (or, you know, tips on what to wear or how to freshen up my hair). Because the last thing I want to do is accidentally trip the waiter over.

Ugh ugh ugh I miss the days when my boyfriend's sisters were also my friends instead of being complete strangers. D:

It'll be fine it'll be fine it'll be fine. RIGHT?!?!!?! *runs around flailing*

SO many birthdays this month..... Happy Birthday Jin! Happy Birthday Elly! Happy Birthday Christopher! Happy Birthday Romario.... *sniff sniff* But I shall not dwell on the depressing issue of my dog just yet. My graduate exhibition is coming up and there is SO MUCH WORK to do! I have a presentation due in a few hours, a test next week, two exams coming up, two major projects due and the exhibition at the end of November! My oh my. Youth, can you taste it? I'll miss swotting up in Uni Life.

And I'm having a steamboat dinner tonight with my best buddies and my boyfriend, so that will be fun. :)

AAHHH WISH ME LUCK FOR TOMORROW EVERYBODY. Is there such thing as anti-panic pills? I think I should take some.

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Anonymous Shez said...
oho you'll be fine. though that's quite normal if we're nervous :D. been there XD

Just be you and that's matter the most. Keep clean and decent; you're done XD

Better yet, ask him how :D (because I did, lol)