Sunday, October 14, 2007; 11:58 PM
Light graffiti

Can you see Scorpio? It's one of the many lovely constellations that are visible from the Australian skies, and it shines above my head every night when I walk home huddled in your beanie. You never used to care for stars - they were just there - but one day I stopped and adamantly pointed out Scorpio. You cocked your head to one side while I spiritedly pointed out the crabby claws and the tail and you said it could just as easily be a triangle.

Yesterday as we walked home together you suddenly stopped and pointed out Scorpio and now you finally recognize one constellation - hurrah! Then you started looking around for the Southern Cross and when I asked you if stars were pretty, you said they were - just a few months ago you didn't care for stars and now they're pretty in your eyes.

We ran out to the huge field near my house with your camera and tripod at midnight, layered up in layers of warm jumpers and scarves and the stars were so pretty! So you pointed your camera upwards and we captured Scorpio as we stood underneath, hand-in-hand.

We then started running around in front of the camera like freaks with your cellphone flashlight, laughing - and I've never had so much fun at midnight than I had last night, despite being cold and sick and tired. It's you, I feel so comfortable around you even when I look like a puffed up eskimo running around in the dark moronically. Finally I stopped and stood behind the camera, capturing you as you had fun with light graffiti.

And you drew me love hearts.

Love hearts drawn with light captured on lens. They're beautiful.

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