Thursday, November 1, 2007; 8:00 PM
roll into a ball!
I'm not sure it's such a good thing that when I see a poor dead animal lying mangled by the side of the road, the first thing that comes into mind is that McCool would love to see it.

Went riding today and ugh ugh ugh fell off again and hurt my back again. Tina the nutter spooked at a piece of plastic tarp covering the hay bales and I was thrown off. There's something about the laws of physics that enables me to defy gravity by using the velocity of the air to push myself as far away from her prancing hooves as far as possible when I fall. How it is possible? Perhaps I farted when I fell and the air released from my rear managed to propell me a good couple of feet away from being trampled to death.

Or maybe not. (I didn't fart!!!)

I'm just glad because riding with Linda, my new instructor is so much more rewarding. She's managed to fix problems which I've been working on for months, in a matter of weeks. Bravo! The only drawback is crossing the freeway to catch the bus back after my lesson - today it took me half-an-hour just to cross one half of the freeway. >[ Honestly, is it so hard for zooming cars to slow down for just three seconds to let a girl dash across the road?

I cooked dinner for McCool last night, for the first time ever. The reason it took more than five months to cook him a simple meal was because I thought prolonging his death from food poisoning would be a good idea. The later the better!
He didn't get food poisoning, for your information.
I made beef stew, which after my last feeble attempt, turned out pretty darn good and beef bulgogi on spaghetti (because I do not have rice, don't ask) and american strawberry parfait. Yumm! I feel so accomplished. I would've taken photos if only I'd known my cooking wouldn't result in any painful, sudden deaths.

It was Halloween, by the way, so we snuggled and watched scary movies all night long - and I don't care what anyone says, Pan's Labyrinth is both scary and gruesome and I never want to watch it ever again for the rest of my life. Same goes for Silent Hill. Tonight I'm going to be paranoid that when I take my shower the bathroom will start melting around me from the Darkness. Or something.

Dang nabbit, when I get out of bed tomorrow morning, my back is going to hurt like a...female dog. Oh Tina you nutter.

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