Sunday, November 4, 2007; 12:29 AM
Speechless - my words could not melt
Well it feels like Ive just woke up
In a world where down is up and up is a long way from here

The sun rises every morning, the same confetti of light exploding its way across the earth, from dawn to dusk, from dusk till dawn. The moon sets every night, slowly crawling it's way through the masses of crystal stars, till it's final breath with the last sweet warble of the nightingale.

Time moves, sometimes slow, sometimes fast - but always constant. People wake up, brush their teeth, go to bed. Friends meet, lovers fight, dogs bark - things are constantly changing. Things change. People change. Even I've changed, I'm sure. It can be quite slow, or it can be quite extreme. Sometimes you only see the changes after the sun has run it's course a fair few number of times, but then it's too late to wonder and ponder about everything that has passed - the moon is hassling you to get a move on with it, or he'll be late for his nightwatch.

And the big wheels well they keep on turning
They dont slow down you just keep on learning

Lately I feel like he's a completely different person to the man I first shared tears with many moons ago. It's kinda sad sometimes, but hey, the clouds change shape constantly and it doesn't mean I love the clouds any less.
I feel like a completely different person myself sometimes, when I stand and stare at my reflection in the mirror - I barely recognize myself.
Sometimes it doesn't feel any less lonely than before.

Like a savage glow
When you turned and said hello
I was just about to go
There were flowers on the ceiling
The stars looked like burning sparks
The lights were warm but chilling
Whisper - I wanted to shout
When you stopped and held me close
Inside I nearly froze
Your touch is almost healing
Like a setting sun
Like a last goodbye
Like an incomplete lullaby

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