Tuesday, December 11, 2007; 11:03 PM
And I am...

Yup yup Whoo hoo oh yeah baby, I'm graduating tomorrow, in less than a few hours!!! :D Excited!!! I've got my graduation gown and hat, my parents and McCool's have just arrived from the airport and my outfit is hanging nicely on the rack - as per McCool's request I shall wear a white dress - and I'm gaduating with a Distinction!!!! =D I'm sitting next to him in the ceremony too, so I have someone to hold my hand. ^_^

Wow, life is finally taking off. I can't believe I'm graduating - no more education from now on. It's gonna be out into the real world, getting a proper job, taking on proper responsibilites. Aren't we growing up! No more running to friends or lecturers when I need help, no more free and easy Uni timetables - I have to earn proper money and work hard now!! Start driving, get a place of my own.... etc etc, the list goes on.

I'm nervous, to be exact. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not.

Time to stand tall on my own! :) And we'll all always have each other by our sides.