Saturday, December 15, 2007; 12:36 AM
Butterflies in my gut
My Blinkbonnie Equestrian Competition is tomorrow! Ahh. I'm nervous and excited and I wonder if I can sleep tonight - McCool is coming with me for which I am extremely grateful for - but he will be leaving early too, which kinda sucks D: but it can't be helped.

At this point, I'm just glad that he agreed to show up. I couldn't really hope for anything more - to have cool, silent McCool agree to accompany his girlfriend to her first important competition is almost like a miracle in itself - even if he just stands there for two minutes and leaves immediately without a trace - I would still be glad he took the effort to show up.

I don't know, does this make me cheap? Such a little thing makes me happy, but really shouldn't you be willing to go and support a person you cared about without making them feel like they're forcing you into it? I feel like I'm settling for whatever I can get - and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.
I really shouldn't think about it too much - the most important thing is he agreed to come, regardless of the situation - and that makes me happy.

Oh, I'm nervous for tomorrow. Wish me luck! I've memorized my dressage test a million and one times and I trained yesterday as well (Midnight bucked me off and I lay on the ground unable to move my right leg for a whole five minutes from the pain in my spine) so I'm hoping tomorrow will be lovely and great - I'm not expecting to win, but if I do I wish McCool would be there to give me a huge hug of Well Done-ness. Oh well, I'm expecting him to give me a huge hug of Well Done-ness after I ride anyway, regardless of wheter I win or not. If he's still there.

Ahhhh nervous. Here we go Yin! Time for another new experience in your life! Wish me luck! =)

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