Thursday, December 13, 2007; 9:57 PM
I am now a Bachelor
Graduation sucked.

Or, it wasn't that bad. It was fun, but - you know - this and that.

Dad wasn't very happy cause he really never enjoys ceremonies like these, with long drawn-out speeches, and his irritableness irritated mum, and Bro and Lisa dissapeared an hour before the graduation and I was standing outside alone, all bored for at least an hour waiting for McCool to appear (he didn't) so I ended up calling MJY to stand outside with me.

We took professional studio photography which is a bit of a waste of money in my opinion and even added stress because Bro was late and we were holding up heaps of other students while waiting for him to appear.

McCool appeared ten minutes before registration closed and nearly gave me a heart attack because I thought he wouldn't make it. I was so glad to see him though, despite the fact that my parents gave me trouble later because they didn't get to meet him. He only stayed for a short while and we barely spoke but I was super glad to see him anyway. =)

I also didn't get to stay for drinks afterwards cause Dad wanted to leave.

Otherwise, it was great night, MJY was there and gave me such a fun time I was barely able to mope around at all - everyone and their uncle was there, we took so many photos - my eyes are all blurry from the flashes! - and it was fantastic.

It doesn't mean much, but to go on stage and receive your testamur from the Dean is the best feeling in the world! Three years of work has finally paid off! It's a shame to say I really didn't learn that much during my three years at RMIT, but at least I learnt a little bit - and even a little bit is better than nothing, that's what I think. Plus, I got to meet all this amazing people that I simply adore - all my friends - and most importantly McCool - and for that I am thankful. =)

Here's to the future and plenty more good things to come!


Blogger kuraaku said...
CONGRATULATIOOOOOOOONNNSS!!! Now you're done with all that stress and work and I bet it feels so good! Way to go!!!