Sunday, December 2, 2007; 6:50 PM
In close proximity
How do you put happiness into words?

So the other day I went to watch Across the Universe with MJY and because of our combined levels of tardiness (we were eating ramen at some place far away), we were late for the movie and had to break into the cinemas at a brisk run rivaling a John Woo action film. In our haste to make it to the start of the movie, MJY barged through the heavy metal double doors with me close behind. It must have been in a fit of adrenaline because as we ran in, he slammed the door HARD on the ring finger of my right hand, which was immediately caught in the hinges of said heavy metal double doors and before I could say, "Jumping Jack, what was that!?" a sickening CRACK sounded.

No, I didn't break my finger - thank God and all that is good. My nail was snapped off and the top of the finger severed, leaving me clutching a violently bleeding hand in dismay as MJY panicked and started flailing about like a mad chicken. We ended up missing half an hour of the movie as he tried (and failed gallantly) to administer first aid, and I ran whimpering into McCool's arms at the end of the day with a finger bravely covered in a wacky mess of bloody bandaids.

Which was nice because for the next few days I had a concerned McCool fluttering around me like a worried hen, changing bandages everyday and cursing MJY in between breaths for not taking better care of his girl. Because I mean - seriously - who puts bandaids on a severed finger?! LOL, MJY. I luv you and all but there is no way I'm putting bandaids on my missing appendage.

Also I have over a week off from work, which is VERY nice because I get to be lazy and laze around and stay over at McCool's the entire time, which consists of sleeping late, waking up late and eating his home-cooked food. (He is definitely a better cook than me!) It makes me feel like I really should never go back to work because :
1. I don't want to work over the Christmas and New Years period
2. My family will be coming down for my graduation and I want to spend some time with them
3. McCool is rich anyways, so he should pay for all my living expenses from now on. MWAHAHAHAHHAA. You know I'm just kidding.

We celebrated six months of coupled bliss (and fighting and arguments and disagreements) last Friday and he charmed the hair off my head by surprising me with dinner at a Simply Undeniably Fancy And Expensive Japanese restaurant by the river, and then we strolled to the cake parlour we both love and then the next day he bought me a bouquet of pretty pink roses. Ah, life couldn't get any sweeter. ^w^

I also got a haircut recently and whilst I am not used to having bangs again - I'm quite liking it, except for the way it stands up when I wake in the morning and McCool laughs at me. It suits me though, I think, and mum is coming down on Wednesday and she wants to meet McCool, so he is panicking and I am still trying to convince him to cut his hair!

Also the other day I decided I needed new shoes to compliment my new outfit and I ended up in the Kids Section of Target, because no other shoe shop stocked sizes for my feet. I wear a size 3-4, by the way, and having small feet sucks even though they look dainty and cute. I mean, shopping for shoes in the kids section! Ah, humiliation has no boundaries.

Still, I'm relaxed and content and there's nothing quite like stirring in the early dawn and feeling your hand move and for a second panic "HOLY SHIT WHY IS IT MOVING THERE'S AN EARTHQUAKE!" and then realizing that it's just his chest rising up and down underneath your hand peacefully in a steady rhythm as he snores sleeps. And then you realize you have to get up and pee.

So how do you put happiness into words?

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