Sunday, December 16, 2007; 12:09 AM
I didn't place.

Gah!! It was all going well but Midnight was really fresh today with the rain and wind and when I cued him to canter in my dressage test, he decided to buck a bit which costed me a lot of precious points. I also forget my last diagonal and was completely off the marker, so more points off from there.

Jumping was great though, he went like the dream he is although he did overjump a fence pretty huge and almost ripped me over his head - otherwise he was great. It was a clear round, but we were 5 seconds over the limit which of course was not something to celebrate about.

So yeah, I didn't place.

It was still a good experience though - besides the shitty shitty weather - I enjoyed it.

McCool was unexpectedly wonderful about the entire ordeal - I felt terrible because the weather was shitty and he had to withstand the rain with me - but he was surprisingly nice about it, giving me hugs before and after my runs and dutifully taking photos and videos in the soddy rain before he had to leave.

He did however complain that he would never want to come out to the barn again, and whilst that's a somewhat hurtful remark, I totally understand though - it's always been rainy when he's come out to the barn with me and I can see how it's an ordeal for a city boy like him.

I'm just really glad he took the trouble to come be with me today....

Next time, I'll win! Will post some photos when I get them.

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