Sunday, December 23, 2007; 12:55 AM
Seasons of love

It's almost Christmas - I haven't been feeling the Christmas spirit much lately (maybe it's the hot weather) but with the cold change sweeping over Melbourne with snow predicted up in the mountains, I sit in front of my TV with my family close by, watching Carols By Candlelight and eating cherries while thinking of you - suddenly it begins to feel a lot like Christmas. Granted, this year I have no tree and no lights and no presents and certainly no presents - but this is our first Christmas together - and Christmas really isn't about trees or presents or lights, it's about family and friends and a whole sack-full of love.

This year we'll be spending Christmas at my aunt's home, she lives alone and is quite lonely so we thought it would be nice to bring her some Christmas cheer - and on Christmas Eve you promised me a date! We haven't been on a date in ages and I'm really looking forward to finally spending some precious time alone with you.

MJY has flown off to Hong Kong and I miss him quite terribly because who else can I verbally abuse with my whining and emotional outbursts? Come back come back - the other night we had a massive (well it was supposed to be massive but some people didn't turn up because of the severe thunderstorms) dinner together and it was great to be surrounded by friends again. The year is coming to an end and I hate it to because it was such a great year despite all the setbacks and tears and obstacles faced upon us - but because I was always surrounded by such magnificent people, I loved this year and I never want this all to end.

My friends are love. =)

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