Thursday, January 31, 2008; 1:24 PM
Cafe por favor!
It is.....raining.

Not exactly pouring, to be exact, but rainy enough to make me just want to curl up under my covers instead of braving the storm to travel out to catch the train and bus to go horse riding. Augh. Why, why does it always rain when I want to go for a good canter? Riding in rain is probably the least pleasant of experiences.

I'd really much rather be curled up in my cosy little Coffee Bean, making coffee on a dreary day like this. Talking about Coffee Bean, yesterday was my last day and my manager struggled to hold back tears as she presented me with a HUUUGE card signed by all my co-workers and a book about coffee as a farewell present. My regular customers even remembered it was my last day and they all swung by just to say Goodbye and Good Luck. So Sad!! I love my job. And if I don't find a new job in a month or two, I'm so going back. I just feel like it would be okay to forgo my Bachelors Degree and just spend the rest of my career as a full-time barista.

Or maybe not. But we'll see.

Future in the industry looks bleak. Who wants to hire a Junior Artist, who's artwork is less than average and is completely shit in 3D? Noone's hiring and I'm really not confident enough to go out there with my stuff just yet. But I have to, otherwise I will be broke and starving and living off McCool's leftover steaks. AHHH LIFE. Financial crisis, hello! I still have to fund my horse riding, plus there's driving lessons I need to start taking soon and living expenses and everything else in between.

Ugh, try not to think about it too much. Things will work out and fall into place! Like McCool says, throw the negative down south. I'm sure things will brighten up! =)

And hopefully this rain will stop soon too! My Midnight is waiting for me.

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