Monday, January 7, 2008; 12:04 AM
Food Fest
And today, I ate.

I ate a lot.

Because, what else can you do when you're lying around at home bored out of your mind and the weather is marvelously cool outside? Also, my brother is a greedy, food-loving pig and what can I say? I share his genes.

So we decided to troop to the city for a smorgasboard of sorts. We started out hefty, with instant noodles as the first agenda on the menu before we head out from home. It was a killer, but by the time the city loomed into sight, Bro was already salivating from the thought of freshly baked cookie-cream puffs.

Thereby, we both had one each (he had custard, I had mango) and by the time we battled our way through the huge gooks of filling inside, I was more than ready to call it a day. My brother, however, was still prepared to fight the good fight.

So we went to Breadtop where he forced upon me a 'Fish Finger Cocktail Bun' whilst he enjoyed a large serving of Garlic Bread.

Okay, that's that. We start walking randomly around the city when all of a sudden we both have an urge for something ...... crispy, something fried, oily and unhealthy - something like KFC.
Don't ask me how, we ended up at KFC. I wailed and protested and flounced away, screaming at my brother to "buy whatever the hell you want!!" and he showed up in front of me, grinning from ear to ear, holding two boxes of Wicked Wings.

As if that's not bad enough, after we both guiltily licked our fingers clean of the Finger Lickin' Good Unhealthiness, he decided that it would only be appropriate if we paid a visit to the nearby asian grocery store where *gasp* garlic roasted peanuts and cuttlefish crackers were going for a steal of $0.99 cents a pop!!!! Of course we have to buy them!! It would be a sin *not* to!!

Five minutes after walking out the store with our tightarse purchases, it's time for dinner. Nevermind that we just had KFC, it's not "dinner material"!!! So we hightail it to a local Malaysian food joint where Bro enjoyed a hearty serve of noodles and I downed a hearty serve of rice. Mind you, I did not finish my meal for fear of my stomach perforating and internal bleeding to death. My brother, however, polished his plate clean.

There you have it, 6 meals in under the span of 6 hours.

So now, here I am, blogging to you my faithful readers the dangers of Overeating. I ran home weeping and confessed this day of sinful indulgement to my McCool and he barely lifted an eyebrow. Then again, what do I expect from a man who devours a 1kg steak and still has room for dessert? XD With all the food I've consumed ever since we started dating, we could've easily run a succesful Melbourne Food Blog...which, come to think of it, seems like a pretty good idea! I think I shall start trying to push this idea to him. (More food dates! Are you reading this, hun? Mwahahahaha.) The weighing scale shall be my worse enemy for the following days to come.

Ah, my McCool. Eats so much and still has a body toned enough to put David Hasselhoff to shame. =) Hopefully I can say the same for myself although I am lucky enough that he is usually my vacuum cleaner when I cannot vacuum up all the food on my plate (which is 98% of the time, 80% in winter). Also, he is talking to me now and updating me every time he collects a new item while playing his video game, which I lurve because .... I AM KEPT IN TOUCH!!! =D Really, he isn't the jerk some people make him out to be. Just cause he's 'Silent Edd' and 'McCool' doesn't mean he's silent or cool towards me, if anything he's only silent and eval to anyone else. When he's with me, he's cheery, cuddlesome, puppy-dog Edd. XD And for that I feel very very very spe-shuls. *^__^*

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